Writing is a great career and most people who write do so about what they are most passionate. If you are a huge sports fan and watch either one or most sporting events religiously then you should think of following a path to finding sports writing jobs. This field is wide open and hungry for writers who have a passion for sports. As a fan, you watch your favorite team and players as they advance throughout their careers, and what takes place in their game play.As a writer you will have the ability to keep others informed and up to date on the latest circumstances surrounding the given team or teams. The education most desired is a Bachelor’s in Journalism and an extensive knowledge of the sporting field. Some of the top schools for Journalism are Indiana University, Columbia University, Northwestern, Ohio, and Syracuse Universities. Others are University of California, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, and North Carolina. These schools provide the top Journalism programs in the nation and need consideration when pursuing any sports media or writing job. However, they also have some of the top sports teams for the collegiate level. Nevertheless, there are internships for the new comer fresh out of college and that are available while still in attendance. In addition, entry-level positions for the person with some experience and for those who have a lot of experience exist also. The best way to gain a background and to build a portfolio is to begin with writing articles about collegiate sports teams while you are in school. This not only builds experience it provides an immediate feedback for you by having your peers read what you have written. This helps locate areas for improvement thus honing your skills into a professional level sought after in the genre of writing. Thinking along these lines it is beneficial to begin early by writing about your high school sports and submitting these stories to your high school paper and the local newspaper. The local newspaper is one venue to look into for experience and even obtaining a scholarship in the field. Nevertheless, entering into a Journalism degree program and writing for the school paper will help immensely for entering into the field as a professional writer for sports. Additionally, landing an internship with a major news outlet is beneficial while still in school which actually may lead to a full time position. In any case if you have a high level of interest and wish to see what is available in the field of sports feel free to contact us.

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