Month: August 2013

Coaching High School Athletics

Successful athletic coaches are organized, hardworking and quick-minded. These traits make the job easier but a passion for teaching and the desire to develop others makes the long hours and pressure to perform worthwhile. Athletes become less coachable as they age. A professional baseball player is less likely to engage […]

College Sports Jobs

College students choose divergent paths when deciding how to navigate the halls of higher education. Some live in the library, polishing their impressive GPA while others party hard, earning semi-passable grades. Many hold a part-time job, a few work full-time and some earn no paycheck at all, relying on some […]

Minor League Promotions that Deserve a Call Up

Minor League Promotions that Deserve a Call Up

The Yankees give out Derek Jeter bobblehead dolls to people entering Yankee Stadium while fans at Steelers games wave Terrible Towels handed out to them at the gate. Children at Thunder games mount tricycles and race one another across the court to win a Durant jersey and the Blackhawks choose […]