By far, the most unique slice of the sports industry pie, World Wrestling Entertainment, has jobs atypical to most sports leagues. The organization handles most everything in-house and earns revenues through a variety of channels – professional wrestling, merchandising, film, music and more. Over time it has embraced, even embellished, the “entertainment” part of its business, making its success more about character development and marketing than the action happening between the ropes. More famously known as the World Wrestling Federation, the organization renamed itself World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. in 2002, slowly transforming into part wrestling troupe and part marketing machine. Its available jobs, mostly based out of Stamford, Connecticut, cover a wide swath of expertise and career paths. The publicly traded company has over 700 employees and, in 2012, did over $500 million in revenues; it’s growing and in need of sports industry professionals to remain cutting edge and entertaining.

World Wrestling Entertainment brandishes itself an integrated media company. An organization that does in-house media production must need graphics expertise, right? Most certainly. A Graphic Animator/Artist leverages tools like Maya, After Effects and Adobe Suite to create unique graphics for WWE pay-per-view launches, weekly cable shows and promotional material. The ability to work creatively on tight deadlines and collaborate with producers, directors and their staff is a must. Advanced design knowledge will greatly improve your chances of success. A WWE Digital Video Editor works on a variety of platforms – YouTube, mobile apps and websites. Work alongside a digital programming director to storyboard ideas for digital videos. Turn those concepts into a final product by producing, editing and publishing short videos online to keep fans engaged in the WWE product. Software packages like Final Cut Pro and Avid editing suites are most often used to create such content. A Graphic Designer has a mastery of all things Adobe Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – as well as basic HTML skills. A content company like World Wrestling Entertainment needs graphic designers for all parts of its business. From designing promotional material and arena signage to creating commercials and broader branding material, be prepared to creatively stretch your mind on the job.

All successful content companies leverage the latest technology to scale its business, remain efficient and continue evolving. At the core of technology is data. Data Analytics professionals are needed within WWE business operations to establish data management principles and help the organization make the most of its stores of data. A culture of “enhanced data value” is developing within the wrestling entertainment company. Help the organization ethically collect and organize data from online services like mobile apps along with standard television viewership numbers. Leverage that information for marketing, media, social and website analysis. A Business Solutions Analyst is responsible for planning and executing on a variety of the WWE’s key IT-business initiatives. Truly considered the ‘integrator’ within the Information Technology department, this person works with senior leaders to understand business needs and collaborates with developers and project managers to execute on a plan. Understand the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), help determine resource needs, collect requirements, facilitate meetings and see products through to fruition.

A successful sales department is what keeps the employees of the WWE busy and well-paid. The Director of Integrated Account Sales is the sales team liaison to the rest of the business. Use in-depth knowledge of all WWE products, talent, programs and initiatives to create short and long term sales strategies that enhance revenues across the business. The role involves relationship building and business strategizing. Influence advertising expenditures by working with existing partners and building connections to new ones. Use deep sales and marketing experience to promote the faces of the WWE. A Digital Sales Account Executive is always on the cutting edge of the sales department. Learn fast and often to understand how to best maximize digital advertising space on and within mobile apps. Take on a region of the country and use established industry contacts to promote the business and make new sales. Understanding the media industry is paramount. And staying organized while working at a frenetic pace is the norm. Earn commissions through achievement of targeted revenue goals and create relationships across the business spectrum.

Whether it’s a cable television shows like SmackDown or Raw, a major pay-per-view event like WrestleMania, a video short on or WWE Magazine, content is king for World Wrestling Entertainment. The ability to produce high quality television programming and written content separates the world famous wrestling troupe from its competitors. Become a Writer, one that contributes to the larger Creative Writing Team, generating the storylines fans eat up on a weekly basis. Learn the basics of television writing and scripting and string out soap opera-esque stories using what you learned studying Film, TV, Drama, Media Studies and Communications in school. Within the WWE, an On-Air Promotions Producer generates the hype needed to convince fans to purchase pay-per-view events. Create a concept, produce it, edit it and bring it to air. Work within a budget on tight schedules while interacting with WWE superstars and behind-the-scenes creative talent – graphic artists, audio engineers, on-line editors – on a daily basis.  

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