New York City is known for a lot—a world-class theater district, historic museums, a mass of skyscrapers, foods from across the globe, soulful music and 24/7 entertainment. With well over 8 million residences doing 8 million different things, it’s easy to believe that the city’s sports franchises are neglected. It’s plausible that people have better ways to spend their time than watching a ballgame at Citi Field or catching the Knicks at the local brew pub. Plausible but simply not true.

For every opera fan, there are thousands of Yankees and Mets junkies. Each art connoisseur has dozens of Knicks and Nets fan counterparts. And the number of wine enthusiasts are significantly trumped by Giants and Jets followers. The Rangers and Islanders have their diehard fans too. The New York sports scene is the heartbeat of the city; wins excite the fan base and losses darken the city’s mood, even for a day. Americans DVR practically everything—Mad Men, Survivor, Duck Dynasty and NCIS all end up on the ‘watch later’ list. But sports are watched live because the result—a final score rather than a cliffhanger—affects us more. It brings out emotions that even the darkest drama or funniest comedy can’t touch. New Yorkers understand that reality as much as a farmer from Iowa or an oil rig worker from Texas. People around the country grumble about a perceived media east coast bias because of New York and its gravitational pull on the sports media. If you want to immerse yourself in sports, the Big Apple is the place to be.

The New York media scene is unmatched across the country. Its sports media is said to be the toughest around—players, coaches and front office management understand that free passes aren’t handed out. The New York Times, New York Post and Daily News all employ world-class journalists that dig for stories, ask hard questions and write well-crafted articles. National media stars like ESPN’s Buster Olney got recognized doing good work in New York. And editorial staffs for major print and online publications like Sports Illustrated call the city home because of its strong pool of talent and access to major sports teams. ESPN owns and operates a flagship radio station—ESPN New York—which brings the well-known voices of Michael Kay, Steven A. Smith and more to the city’s air waves. And CBS operates The Fan (WFAN)—America’s original 24-hour sports talk station—where personalities like Boomer Esiason and Mike Francesa talk sports day and night. Even famed online blogs like Deadspin are New York-based. The sheer number of cameras, microphones, and recorders pointed at athletes and coaches makes it a media scene that will better your skills and lead to many opportunities down the road.

Sports agencies look out for the best interest of the players, coaches and front office personnel they represent. Agents represent their clients throughout contract negotiations with teams as well as handle deals with corporations for product and service sponsorships. The city of New York has a number of well-known agencies including: Roc Nation Sports, Wasserman Media Group, IMG, Strategic Sports Management, Octagon, Pinnacle and more. If you’re an agent looking to throw yourself into the sports scene there are no better locations than this one. You’ll learn the basics from the best agents in the world and network with professionals that will help you find your niche. Become a leader, a negotiator and a power broker in the sports industry by placing yourself around the best of the best.

The National Football League’s Jets and Giants play in Jersey but are New York teams through-and-through. The Knicks and Rangers rock Madison Square Garden from the city’s crisp fall and harsh winter through the spring and summer playoff season. The Nets—and soon enough the NHL’s Islanders—call the pristine Barclay Centers home. Citi Field hosts the Mets while the Yankees have a first-class stadium in Yankee Stadium for home field advantage. And Major League Soccer has the New York Red Bulls and—coming in 2015—New York City FC will move into Yankee Stadium. These professional teams along with countless amateur ones bring with them thousands of jobs. Front office personnel and scouts build teams that strive to win championships. Marketers and public relations professionals bridge the gap between teams, athletes and fans as well as bring crowds to the stadium. And legal and business professionals are needed to keep franchises organized, profitable and first class. Don’t forget about the major undertaking of running massive facilities like MSG and Yankee Stadium. Event coordinators and building facility managers create order out of the chaos of a sporting event. New York is an amazing city with cream-of-the-crop professionals that rise to the occasion every day. Find your way there and you’ll find your way to an epic sports city.  

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