If you are searching for a job in the sports industry, look no further than the 28 teams playing for the Major League Soccer (MLS) organization. Although soccer more recently caught the interest of sports fans across North America, it has been steadily increasing in popularity year after year since then. Teams playing for the MLS have experienced the biggest popularity increases, with game attendance jumping up 40 percent since 2007.

With the upswing in attendance comes an incredible potential for accelerated revenues. In fact, the leading MLS teams are worth more than 185 million each, which is 400 percent higher than their value a decade ago. These increases across the board translate to job growth and security in this field.

You have many options when it comes to launching your U.S. soccer career with the MLS. Here’s what you need to know about soccer jobs:

Top Careers in Soccer

Each of the 28 MLS teams playing today uses hundreds of individuals across multiple fields to keep the organization operating smoothly and generating revenue. The professionals serving the teams range from marketing pros to business executives.

Fan Experience Coordinator

A soccer team is nothing without the attention and enthusiasm of its fans. To keep these important individuals happy, teams must keep a fan experience coordinator on the books.

This professional creates special events and activities for fans to enjoy at the stadium and other local venues. To fine-tune the guest experience, coordinators must always help fans feel like they are major players in their favorite team’s success on the field.

Production Expert

In addition to attending local games, fans can remain engaged with their team by watching televised events and viewing online video content. A dedicated production expert creates, edits, and presents the video content, including practice sessions and games, for fans to watch from afar.

To create engaging content, professionals in this field must understand what fans want to see from their favorite soccer teams.

Brand Ambassador

Fans love to showcase their devotion to a particular MLS team by purchasing merchandise at games and through online retailers. A brand ambassador ensures the merchandise meets fans’ expectations and remains available for purchase on demand. Since this professional engages directly with fans, top-notch customer service skills are a must.

Executive Assistant

Coordination of team activities and events depends on precise leadership by an executive assistant. The coach and team manager rely on this professional to create an event schedule, correspond with partners, and coordinate all travel plans for the team and associates. A high level of organization and personable nature are vital for success in this career path.

Tips for Pursuing U.S. Soccer Careers

To find your place in the MLS, you will need to hone in on your ideal job duties and match your background to the available openings to find the best fit. While browsing listings for soccer jobs, compare your educational background, skills, and work experience to the requirements in the job description field.

Once you find an ideal match, tailor your resume and cover letter to that specific job. Make sure to tie in your passion for soccer to clearly depict your enthusiasm for this field.

By creating custom content for your applications, you will stand out above the competition and catch the interest of the professionals in the human resources department.

If you’re looking for soccer jobs, get started by browsing thousands of listings with Jobs In Sports.