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Jobs In Sports Insight: Sports Account Executive

An Account Executive is a senior level position within a sports team’s sales department. It’s an exciting, fast paced job that requires natural communications skills, charisma and salesmanship. Though the position exists in many industries, within the sports realm its responsibilities include group ticket sales and working with clients who advertise with […]

20 Golf Jobs – Choose Your Ace in the Hole!

You love golf.  You want to work in the golf field.  You have good people skills and enjoy socializing.  What golf jobs are available?  Here is a list of 20 opportunites, including some golf career path ideas from the PGA, that will keep you on the green.  One of them is sure […]

Beginner Jobs in Sports

So you are interested in having a job in sports but you are not a professional player, nor can you pretend to be a professional athlete. No worries. There are certainly many positions ready to be filled. Entry-level or beginner jobs are awaiting college grads just stepping off the stage […]

Finding Soccer Jobs in the USA

Soccer, known as football in most of the rest of the world, provides many opportunities for experienced individuals to find part-time or full-time work. Required qualifications vary by country, but here is some information to help you find soccer jobs in the USA. It is important have an updated resume […] Insight: Athletic Scout

  The Background… The life of an Athletic Scout is both exciting and challenging. It’s a job of travel and all consuming, sports study. Scouts are the nucleus of a successful personnel department and are core to building a championship team. Most prospect scouts scour the urban cities and countrysides […]

Jobs In Sports Insight: The Coach

The Background… Coaches are among the few publicly visible jobs in sports. While athletes are center stage, coaches are on the sidelines instructing players and making decisions that impact the game’s outcome. All team sports and many individual sports have a coach or an entire coaching staff to bring organization […]

The New Age of Jobs in Sports Media

Once upon a time, there was a sportswriter. His job was to go to the games and describe the action in vivid detail because the vast majority of fans couldn’t be there in attendance. His description was the only way those fans could experience what went on that day with […]