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The New Age of Jobs in Sports Media

Once upon a time, there was a sportswriter. His job was to go to the games and describe the action in vivid detail because the vast majority of fans couldn’t be there in attendance. His description was the only way those fans could experience what went on that day with […]

Jobs In Sports Insight: Sports Commentator

The Background… Sports commentators describe on-the-field action and provide analysis throughout a live sporting event, over a television or radio broadcast. More commonly called sportscasters or announcers; their goal is to enhance the viewing experience with voice over commentary as the game unfolds. Though the early 1900s typically saw one […]

Job Insights: Sports PR Manager

Job Insights: Sports PR Manager

What Does a Sports PR Manager Do? Public Relations (PR) is all about managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization/team and its public. It’s used to shape a positive image through means other than direct marketing and, while certainly not exclusive to the sports industry, is vital […]

Jobs In Sports Insight: The Athletic Trainer

The Background… It’s best to start with what an Athletic Trainer is not. Athletic Trainers (AT) are not physicians, personal trainers nor are they physical therapists. They’re not limited to employment with sports teams and they, despite their title, do not focus solely on athletes. Athletic Trainers are certified health […]

Part Time Jobs In Sports

A lot of full time sports fans have part time jobs. But very few of those part time workers apply their skills to the sports industry. Seasonal sports jobs are a unique niche of corporate America. Major league sports teams and their partners aren’t present at most university career fairs […]

Jobs In Sports Insight: The Agent

The Background… Agents are employed to represent the best interest of their clients in business matters. Anyone can hire an agent but most fields don’t require 3rd party representation and are unable to validate the cost associated with hiring them. But many jobs in the entertainment industry, including sports, have […]