VP of Brand Management
This position has been filled.

  Sporting Goods Manufacturer
  Northeast Region
  Posted/Updated: 12/20/17

Key Responsibilities:


  • Develop 3-year Brand Plan supporting strategic business plan


  • Apply ‘digital lens’ in leading and developing integrated consumer facing plans to drive drive brand desirability and overall business results


  • Work closely with our Digital Brand Commerce team to ensure we are connecting our Brand messaging digitally with our consumers  


  • Deliver strategies to Business Units for Retail Marketing, Digital Marketing (newsroom, social/editorial content) Media, and Assets Marketing 


  • Drive the process of the allocation of yearly marketing working budget (by Business Unit, by Market and by discipline)


  • Guide powerful, compelling and commercial viable stories to connect with the consumer (in support of Business Units)


  • Facilitate brand plans/campaigns across Business Units


  • Provide brand management leadership, guidance and tools across Business Units


  • Develops and communicates brand creative communications guidelines


  • Drive and own holistic Brand packages for brand stories and horizontal concepts


  • Feed Brand Management trends into strategic business plan/planning process


  • Ensure operational excellence within Marketing Operations time framework to ensure development of integrated Marketing packages


  • Build and lead a highly confident, collaborative and creative workforce and provide the platform for long-term, (cross)-functional careers


  • Manages marketing working budget (functional Teams)

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