You have a background in Facilities Management or Business Administration and a love for sports, so why not combine the two in an exciting career move? Just stop and think of all the sports facilities that exist on the local, regional and national level…factor in private, community, governmental, educational and professional athletics and the number is astounding! And each and every one of these facilities requires proper management — there is an amazing array of opportunities out there. If you have a particular interest in college athletics, see this excellent article entitled “Trends in Collegiate Recreational Sports Facilities” which gives an insightful overview of construction and design history and current trends, including “green” building certification and female-driven design, etc. It states in the summary:

“…on college campuses today, almost 60% of students are female (Marklein, 2005). This factor has significantly impacted recreational programming, facility design, and facility renovation. No longer are there weight rooms; rather, there are fitness areas with an emphasis on cardio equipment and a limited amount of free weights. Also, there are fewer traditional gyms providing little except courts used primarily for basketball…collegiate recreational facilities will increasingly cater to the programming needs of women.”

Examples of the types of positions you might want to consider include Director of Community Recreational Facilities, Director of Athletic Facilities and Event Management, Sports Facilities Manager, or Recreation Complex Manager. Responsibilities often encompass areas such as the oversight of daily operation and maintenance – facilities, fields and complexes, as well as Life Safety and security systems and procedures. Management of improvement or construction projects may also be necessary, and knowledge of ADA requirements is beneficial. Additionally, strategic and operational planning and budgeting skills are essential to most higher-level positions. Depending upon the institution and level of responsibility, requirements typically include a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with experience in Facility Management, Business Administration or Sports Administration. Leadership and quality interpersonal skills will be essential. Familiarity with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) trends and certification can also be a tremendous asset. Even if your education and experience is not quite at this level yet, don’t count yourself out – positions such as Assistant Facilities Manager are abundant as well, so contact us today and let us help you explore the possibilities…the field is wide-open for those wanting to apply skills and experience in Facilities Management to careers in the sports industry.

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