You have probably noticed that the majority of sports media jobs are filled with professional athletes that have retired from their respective sport. Occasionally you will see some unfamiliar faces in the pregame and postgame booth never having played a particular sport but still full of important up-to-date knowledge about the industry they represent. This means that there are opportunities for non-athletes to be hired for positions in sports media in front of the camera, with newspapers and websites, and other various sports-related jobs.

Five sports media careers to consider include graphic designer, researcher/programmer, sports writer, multimedia reporter, and sports analyst.

Approach to pursuing a career in sports media

Sports media careers are very competitive so using whatever tools are available to you is essential. Internships and networking are fundamental for advancement and expanding your résumé. Interning will help you learn how the business functions and will give you the chance to work alongside an experienced person to understand what their daily duties entail.

Doing a great job as an intern will almost certainly assist you in obtaining valuable references and connections for future opportunities. Consider college programs that will help you achieve a career in sports media. The ideal program should have a high placement rate for quality internships and offer programs in journalism and communication. These programs should allow for new developments in an industry that is constantly evolving. Individual coaching in reporting and writing is another aspect to look for when assessing programs.

Nothing beats hands-on experience, so find out how much actual real-world experience you will be required to complete during undergraduate studies. There are college programs that offer multiple degrees within their journalism departments and some require working with newspapers, magazines, or television stations as part of a semester’s course work.

For a list of journalism schools at colleges and universities see this article Best Journalism Schools at U.S. Colleges and Universities as a preliminary guide in your endeavors.

Pursuing a career in sports media requires the same drive and determination as any other profession, but the distinction is figuring out the niche that best suits your interests and goals. Decide whether you prefer leading, organizing and planning or prefer working directly on specific jobs or tasks. Once you know the answer to that you can follow a defined career path. But don’t worry if you change your mind about the type of media career you want after studying or interning in that field because the more knowledge acquired in different areas will only serve as a benefit. For more information contact us today.

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