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Your eyes are blurred, fingers are sore, and your back aches after you spent six hours scrolling through postings of sports jobs and tinkering your resume. You might be a recent graduate looking to break into the industry, or you’re currently in the field but feel like your career has stalled and you’re trying to find growth opportunities.

You don’t have to sit all day, scrolling and applying. While using job boards is crucial for your search for sports jobs, it’s not the only tool at your disposal.

Don’t let your unease of unemployment or underemployment hurt your mindset. You need to stay happy and healthy while conducting a productive job hunt. There are several awesome mobile apps any job seeker can benefit from.

Here is the ultimate app toolkit for your successful search for sports jobs:


You need to continue networking, but this can be difficult. A 2015 survey conducted by the University of Phoenix School of Business found that 53 percent of adults avoid or are hesitant to network, and 27 percent of them also think they have lost job opportunities as a result.

There are two simple steps to networking — meet people and continue to build relationships with them.

Expand Your Network

To improve your chances of finding sports jobs you want, you need to shake hands with people in your industry. These apps can help you connect with your colleagues:


Find groups of people based on common interests. You can use this to meet people in the sports industry, and you can also meet friends who share your hobbies. Make the most of this by joining a few industry groups and set up social gatherings.


First, sync your LinkedIn profile to your login. Then, browse nearby professionals and their profiles. The filters feature helps you specify by industry and location. When you want to connect, you simply reach out through the app.

Once your connection is approved, you can connect through call, text, or email. This helps you make smarter networking choices and gets you face-to-face with valuable colleagues.


Think Tinder, but for networking. You create profiles, swipe anonymously, find a match, then arrange to meet in real life. Every day, the app suggests 10-15 inspiring profiles for you to connect with. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Manage Your Contacts

When you start connecting and meeting people, you need a place to organize your contacts and keep track of how you relate to everyone. When you properly manage your contacts you are ready to build stronger relationships, which is especially helpful when you’re preparing for networking events or following up.

Here are some apps to make knowing people a lot easier:


This app improves your memory by focusing on three Rs — record, retain, and retrieve. First you record names, add notes and categories, and note future plans. You can also generate a mnemonic namerick. Then you securely store names and get helpful reminders of your plans. You can always search through your directory and adjust and sort information for everyone.


Create a customized digital business card and share it with peers, either through the Pushdot network or through email or SMS. You can receive contact information as well and chat with them. With apps like these, you don’t have to worry about losing your contacts’ cards or running out of your own.

Resume Writing

Make sure your resume is ready to go when you find employers and roles that fit you. These apps can simplify resume and cover letter writing, so you’re ready to submit applications to sports jobs in no time.

Resume Star

This app is perfect for when you’re on the go and find an awesome opportunity. Create a professional resume and cover letter on your phone and prepare it in a PDF format. This way, the next time you find a new opening, you can easily tailor your resume and submit it in no time.

Quick Resume

Simply input your information, and the app fills in a basic template. Then you can customize it and create cover letters targeted for specific roles and employers.

Staying Healthy

You need to stay healthy during your search for sports jobs, but that can be hard when you don’t properly manage your stress. Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

A February 2015 survey conducted by the American Psychological ASsociation (APA) found that 42 percent of adults said they are not doing enough or aren’t sure whether they’re doing enough to manage their stress. To make things worse, a lot of people resort to unhealthy behaviors to cope — 33 percent eat unhealthy foods, and 40 percent watch television for more than two hours each day.

Learn to manage your stress and use healthy habits, instead of resorting to sedentary behaviors.

Mental Well-Being

These apps can help you find mental clarity so you can manage your stress and stay productive:


The most popular meditation app is marketed as the personal trainer for your mind. Headspace uses proven mindfulness techniques to help train your mind so you can create a happier, healthier life.

Select guided meditation packages based on certain topics, like performance, health, or relationships. They offer plenty of options, making it easy for you to stay in the habit of meditating everyday.


This app provides guided meditations as well as breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and “sleep stories,” which mix music, sound effects, and a guiding voice to tell you soothing stories aimed to help you fall asleep. Relaxation and good sleep is crucial to staying healthy.

Physical Well-Being

Sweat out your stress and stay fit with these cool options:

Nike Training Club

With hundreds of workouts and several fitness plans you can personalize, this app is a personal trainer in your pocket. Share your workouts to social media to celebrate new milestones and stay motivated.


This goal-oriented personal training app syncs with Fitbit, giving you a personalized experience for every level of your fitness journey. It also offers yoga within their program for all you yogis.

The fact is that looking for sports jobs is hard work. Technology can simplify your strategy so you can optimize your time and stay happy and healthy.

What apps do you use during your search for sports jobs?