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If you’re a fan of the “boys of summer,” but don’t have any experience playing baseball yourself, you might be surprised to learn you may still qualify for a number of jobs in college baseball.

Top college baseball jobs for non-athletes

Here are several ways you can stay close to the action with a college baseball job, during the season and beyond:

Equipment manager

A team’s equipment manager is responsible for taking care of game equipment, such as baseball bats, balls, bases and gloves, when they are not in use for practice or games. It may help to have some previous experience with this type of role, but experience is not always required.

Athletic trainer

You do not need previous experience playing baseball in order to be an athletic trainer, but you should have an interest in physical fitness. You will probably need a bachelor’s degree in physical education, sports medicine, kinesiology, or a related field.

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Physical therapist

Similar in some respects to the athletic trainer, a college baseball physical therapist helps keep players in top condition by helping injured players recover from their injuries.

Facility staff

While smaller colleges or universities may not have a need for this type of role on a full-time basis, larger college sports programs generally do. Facility staff members are responsible for maintaining baseball fields and locker room facilities.


Some college sports programs, including baseball, hire entry-level staff to help get the word out about the team. Marketing and communication efforts about upcoming games may be geared mainly toward other college students, but it’s still an important role for anyone with an interest in sports and marketing.

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Sports reporter

Typically a job held by current students, a sports reporter for college baseball writes about games and players for a college publication. Alternatively, they may provide on-camera or background reporting for a college television, radio program, or blog. This can be a great job for those interested in journalism and broadcasting.

Internships (paid and unpaid)

<>Don’t ignore or dismiss the idea of being a college baseball intern to get your foot in the door and gain some experience in the field.

As an intern, you’ll likely be exposed to a variety of tasks and job responsibilities. This experience can give you a solid edge when you apply for your next baseball-related job, whether that’s at the college level, minor leagues, or even with a major league organization.

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What are some other jobs within college baseball that don’t require you to be a top athlete?