Following his release from the New York Yankees, former manager Joe Girardi needs some help getting back on his feet. It’s hard losing your dream job, and in the world of sports management, this can be a common consequence of falling short in the postseason.  

However, it’s important that you focus on moving forward and finding more work in sports.

Fortunately, for all the Girardis out there looking to bounce back from their recent dismissal, we have the perfect game plan for you:

Consider What You Learned

Like many baseball fans and analysts, Girardi admitted he was a bit shocked when the Yankees organization didn’t seek to renew his contract after 10 years.

While the team ultimately lost the American League Championship Series this year to the Houston Astros, who eventually became the 2017 World Series champions, the Yankees earned more success than anyone predicted this year.

The team’s general manager, Brian Cashman, had his reasons for letting Girardi go. In recent interviews, he mentioned that he saw a “connectivity and communication” issue with the players.

This is important information to understand. Make sure you get clear details on why you’re being let go before you move forward in your new search for work in sports.

With this feedback, Girardi knows what he needs to work on — relationship building and communication skills.

Follow Your Values

When you’re let go, it’s important to take some time to reflect on who you are and what you stand for. Your personal values are extremely important when you’re starting your job search again.

Looking at Girardi’s character, you can see how he perfectly aligned with the Yankees. His competitive nature and focus on the bigger picture (winning the World Series) shows how he fit into the organization’s culture, which is built on fierce competitiveness and success.

Understanding your personal values makes finding your next potential employer much easier. Reflect on what values you use in decision making and what drives you. Then, research potential employers who align with your values.

This way, your search for work in sports is strategic and targeted toward companies you can thrive in and grow with for a long time. Girardi loves competition, so he would fit well in another big market baseball organization.

Highlight Accomplishments

Yes, being fired can be stressful and even take a momentous hit on your self-esteem. However, it’s best not to sit and wallow in self-pity. Instead of focusing solely on where he fell short, Girardi needs to focus on what he accomplished and jump back into his search for work in sports immediately.

During his career as the Yankees’ manager, he led the team to six playoff appearances and won a World Series title in 2009. These accomplishments are what he needs to showcase as he communicates with potential employers.  

Define your best professional achievements and consider how you can promote them at every stage of your job search. For example, use your cover letter to describe how your leadership skills led to an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction and back that with solid evidence on your resume.

Before your interview, come up with talking points you want to share that illustrate specific skills you have that the position calls for. Be prepared to discuss your accomplishments while also reflecting on what you learned from past obstacles, like losing your job.

Remember, your termination is a learning opportunity. Show how you continue to grow as you advance your career.

Build Your Brand

What makes you unique? In Girardi’s case, he is an intense, disciplined leader. He stands out for being a tough competitor, so he can use that to brand himself as he looks to manage again.

On the other hand, if he wants to pursue commentary, like many former professionals do, he will need to brand his communication and analytical skills. By proving his abilities and expertise, he can stay competitive and find work in sports that fits him best.

Bottom line: Your personal brand needs to match your professional goals. If you want to work in sports marketing, specifically in social media, you better have an awesome social media presence.

Share industry-specific content as well as your own. You can start a blog about marketing best practices and attract visitors to your blog through social media strategies. Potential employers will be impressed by your ability to ‘market’ yourself. Plus, you can share your strategies with them to demonstrate your expertise.

No matter your position in your sports career, whether you’re just starting out or making a big career change, you need a clear strategy for finding more work in sports. As many professionals learned from Girardi’s situation, sometimes the unexpected happens.

You have to be ready to process your emotions following your dismissal but then jump right back into the job search.

How are you bouncing back to find work in sports? Share in the comments below!

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