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The all-star is the most respected player in the sports league. They earn their title as a top performer and get to showcase their skills in an exhibition game — and usually some form of skills content.

For example, the NHL hosts the NHL All-Star Game and the All-Star Skills Competition. Baseball fans enjoy the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby.

As a job seeker, you want to stand out as an all-star to potential employers and land offers for your dream sports jobs. You have a lot of potential to offer. You just need to adopt the all-star mentality and showcase your best self.

This is how you can think like an all-star to jumpstart your career:

Let Your Stats Shine

Over a seven year career, the Los Angeles Angels’ center fielder Mike Trout batted .306 and hit over 200 home runs. Looking at these numbers, it’s no wonder he’s a six-time all-star player. Athletes like Trout, who earn all-star status, prove themselves through their stats.

You should too.

What are your stats saying about you? Look at your past. Even if you’re just starting your career, reflect on your time during school, when you volunteered or your experience in internships.

Identify your top accomplishments and create a list of these career wins. For example, if you worked as a coach, share your team’s win-loss record or how you helped young athletes improve their sports performance. If you’re a freelancer, create an online portfolio and highlight the benefits your clients received from your work.  

Demonstrate how these stats align with your prospective sports jobs. If you don’t, you might miss out of a lot of open sports jobs.

In fact, our survey found that three of four employers say they won’t consider you unless you  show them how your current skills are transferable to the prospective role. One of the best ways to do this is by walking the walk.  

Walk the Walk

All-star players don’t simply talk a big game. They play big too. Every day, they’re training, practicing, running drills, and repeating.

Poor work ethic or a bad attitude will get you nowhere. Employers spot it from a mile away. You can’t use cockiness to fake skill.

If you are actually an all-star and earned a great reputation, focus on continually earning that honor through dedication and action. You’re not just an all-star after you earn your votes. Determine what you need to do everyday to fulfill that responsibility.

As you search for sports jobs, demonstrate your transferable skills through projects, like a sports blog. Create content to showcase your expertise to share with potential employers.

Gather Your Votes

In baseball, fans vote on all-stars for each league. As an all-star, focus on earning some votes yourself.

Start reaching out to old bosses and colleagues. Reconnect with them by checking in, then reflect on the great work you did together. Start endorsing them for skills on LinkedIn. They will likely return the favor.

Also, you can ask for specific recommendations on LinkedIn as well. Let’s say you’re applying for sports jobs in sales. Earning a recommendation for your active listening and strategic prospecting skills will help you stand out among fellow job seekers.

As you reconnect with past colleagues, think about how your network might provide you with referrals. Job referrals go a long way. According to our survey, 60 percent of employers say they give referred candidates more attention and consideration than other candidates.

Check your alumni network. If you see a former classmate works at your dream company, reach out and start building a rapport. This can open doors for you.

Request A Try Out

All-stars earn their title from practicing for years. Your professional life is your training, so use that to impress employers by working for them for a day. Recommend starting a trial period so you can prove your skills and your cultural fit in their workplace.

If you’re unsure about specific sports jobs you want to pursue, connect with professionals in the industry and request job shadowing. This allows you to know exactly where you want your career to go.

The all-star mindset is your best tool in building a successful career in the sports world. You work hard and you have the success to prove your value. Now step up to the plate.

How are you demonstrating your all-star status during your search for sports jobs? Share in the comments!

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