searching for sports jobs

Between job boards, resumes, cover letters, and interviews, the process of searching for sports jobs is overwhelming and stressing you out.

The truth is, however, you’re not alone in this feeling. In fact, Hired’s 2017 The Opportunity Index: Perceptions of Mobility & The Job Search report found that 83 percent of working adults globally say looking for a job is at least somewhat stressful, with 39 percent saying it’s very stressful.

In this particular case, it’s stressful because you’re not looking for sports jobs in an efficient way.

Simple tips on simplifying your sports job search & reducing your stress

Get to the starting line

The hardest part is taking your first step. In fact, one in five job seekers say getting advice on where to begin would make the job search easier, according to Hired’s report.

You might think the best first step is clicking the apply button on the first relevant job posting you see. However, it’s better to determine how you want to present yourself to employers before you even search for jobs.

In fact, our survey found that 22 percent of employers search for you online after they receive your application. Therefore, if you’re applying to sports jobs without a positive presence, you’re wasting a great opportunity.

By the time you start applying, you should have plenty of information to share with employers readily available. Showcase your skills and expertise through your social media, online portfolios of your work, a sports blog, and even a personal website. That first impression makes or breaks your chances of advancing to a phone interview.

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Find skill fit

Another aspect of the job search that is stressful is determining if you’re qualified for the sports jobs you’re applying for. You will lack the confidence to pursue opportunities if you’re unsure where you stand.

The Hired report found that 45 percent of job seekers say getting matched with companies who would be a good fit for their skills would make the job search easier.

Identify your top skills and align them with job descriptions. This is important because if you feel confident in your competencies, you’ll clearly stand out as the better candidate. Confidence gets you far in the job search process.

Connecting with specific employers allows you to develop a strong relationship with them. Even if they don’t have a position for you at the time, it’s important to reach out and provide value.

For example, before applying to a sports photography position at a media company, directly message the department head via Linkedin. Introduce yourself and share a helpful article on streamlining the photo editing process.

This gesture goes a long way. Instead of asking for a job or pressuring them to connect with you, you’re simply showing them a solution to a problem they potentially face. You’re serving the organization instead of trying to serve yourself.

Match interests

If you’re just blindly applying to sports jobs that are meaningless to you, you’ll stumble down the wrong career path. The best solution is to determine how to align what you’re passionate about with your career plan.

As the Hired report found, 36 percent of job seekers say that help finding jobs that better match their interests would make the job search easier. You actually don’t need much guidance in this area.

For example, if you love sports apparel, consider careers in product development at an apparel company. If you’re passionate about creating the best experience for sports fans, look for sports jobs in customer service and sales.  

If you’re unsure about what your interests are, start reflecting on how you spend your free time. Ask yourself what your ideal day includes, then determine how to build your career around that.

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Uncover exciting companies

When you’re looking for sports jobs, the industry can feel overwhelming. There are so many organizations in the sports world, so it’s hard to tell which employer best suits you.

You’re not alone in facing this obstacle. According to Hired’s report, 29 percent of job seekers say the job search would be easier if they knew more about exciting companies with relevant opportunities.

It’s obvious how this information simplifies your job search. The fact is, nobody is going to tell you where the exciting companies are. It’s your responsibility to find them and determine your ideal employers. In fact, it’s an essential part of your job search strategy.

Use the following resources to research top sports companies:

  • LinkedIn company pages — Not only can you learn about the company and its origins, but also you get to see people you know who work there. Some companies share videos and pictures to showcase their culture.
  • Glassdoor company profiles — These provide a full view of the organization. You can learn about salaries, interview processes, benefits, and more. Plus, the best part is, you get an authentic perspective from real employees.

Ultimately, you have a decision to make. Your search for sports jobs will involve frustrations, setbacks, and disappointments. You’ll be rejected. You’ll never hear back after applying. Interviews will catch you off guard and you will make mistakes.

When you use these strategies, you’re minimizing the likelihood and frequency of major stressors. You can create your own process for finding sports jobs. Have fun with it and make it right for you.

How are you simplifying your search for sports jobs? Share in the comments!