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The road to the major leagues is an uncertain journey for most minor league baseball players who will never make it to “The Show.” On the other hand, for many employees who work for a Major League Baseball (MLB) team, their path to the ballpark is much easier.

While only a select few have been blessed with the talent to make their baseball dreams become a reality, there are many MLB jobs available, from entry-level to professional, for anyone who wants to work in the industry they love.

MLB jobs to consider

It takes a large team of people to host a major league baseball game with 30,000 guests. From food and merchandise concessions to security and parking personnel, major league teams have a long roster of seasonal and full-time employees on their payroll.

Are you ready to pursue a job in MLB? Here are 10 of the best available jobs for all career levels.

1. Tour guide

If you’re a customer service-oriented person who also enjoys baseball, becoming a stadium tour guide might be the perfect baseball job. While these are usually seasonal positions, tour guides help provide visitors with the ultimate ballpark experience.

Besides directing walking tours inside the stadium, you’ll also be assisting with birthday parties and special events. Being a tour guide is a fast-paced MLB job that requires a good mix of energy and enthusiasm. If you’re up to the challenge, being a tour guide can be both fun and rewarding.

2. Retail associate

Becoming a retail associate at a big-league ballpark is not for everyone. However, if you’re friendly and possess excellent customer service and communication skills, this position is tailor-made for people just like you. Although you’ll be greeting guests and answering questions, the primary responsibility for retail associates is to help fans select and purchase team merchandise at retail store locations inside the stadium.

This can be a hectic MLB job with frequent interaction with stadium guests. However, if you have a flexible schedule and want to earn a few extra bucks in a fun environment, working at the ballpark brings the excitement of a home run.

3. Baseball analytics trainee

If you have a passion for baseball and analytics, this is probably your dream MLB job. A baseball analytics trainee must have a background in mathematics, analytics, statistics, engineering, quantitative social sciences or data science. The more of these skills you have, the better equipped you are to eventually work in professional baseball as a full-time analyst.

The trainee position also requires basic knowledge of baseball data structures and understanding of baseball research, statistics, and strategy since you’ll be assisting other departments with designing and implementing statistical analysis. If you’re able to meet the strict academic requirements and love the game of baseball, this is an entry level position with excellent advancement opportunities.

4. Assistant sports turf & field manager

Some people are born with a green thumb. If you have sports field maintenance experience and a degree, working for a major league team at a spring training facility might be like paradise to you.

The assistant sports turf & field manager is mostly a supervisory position that will manage the groundskeeper staff. You’ll also be responsible for the daily maintenance of the facility and keeping all baseball fields in prime condition.

You must wear many different hats in this MLB job, but the pay is great, and you never know when you might get called up to manage the big-league stadium’s field.

5. Director of hospitality

The hospitality director is responsible for the day-to-day food and beverage operations at the MLB stadium. The director should be an extremely detail-oriented individual with the ability to make quick decisions in a high-stress environment.

Besides a Bachelor’s Degree in hospitality management and extensive experience in the industry, you must also have excellent communication and organizational skills. If you’re a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge, your search for the perfect MLB job might end here.

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6. Manager, event operations & security

Do you have what it takes to manage multiple departments at a major league ballpark? The event operations & security manager is not only responsible for managing the security inside and outside of the stadium but also oversees the parking facilities.

This position requires a four-year degree and supervisory experience in large venue event management. You’ll oversee a security and parking services staff of hundreds of employees, and you need to be a self-starter who can make quick decisions in a fast-paced environment. If you enjoy crafting a game plan and overcoming obstacles, this job in Major League Baseball in the one for you.

7. Creative coordinator, scoreboard

The creative coordinator is a fun position at the ballpark, and you’ll use your marketing or communications degree to help produce entertaining content for the in-stadium scoreboard, video boards, and LED screens.

The coordinator must have strong multitasking skills and a high level of organization to succeed in this MLB job. You’ll not only be responsible for entertaining fans but will also play a key role with businesses and their sponsored scoreboard messages.

If you have a love for baseball, sales, and marketing, there’s a scoreboard with your name on it.

8. Youth academy coach

Imagine how cool it would be to teach baseball to kids at a baseball academy sponsored by a major league club. Well, stop daydreaming and make it a reality as a youth academy coach.
You must be at least 18 years old and pass a criminal background check. If you have the experience and motivational skills needed to train players between the ages of 6-18, a rewarding youth baseball coaching job is within your grasps.

Your duties will include conducting one-on-one instruction, throwing batting practice, planning camp agenda, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Baseball jobs this cool won’t be available for long.

9. Intern – Baseball information (Media relations)

Not all internships are the same. Working full-time in the media relations department for an MLB team is one of the best opportunities in baseball you can find.

Your responsibilities will be to assist with producing all media information, including press releases, daily minor league reports, game notes, and media guides. This position will also require you to be a jack-of-all-trades as you’ll be assisting the broadcast booth, press box, and press conference areas.

You need to be knowledgeable about baseball, and if you have the right stuff, this MLB job could lead to bigger and better things.

10. Associate counsel

Opportunities exist for Juris Doctor (J.D.) graduates who want a job in MLB. A full-time associate counsel is part of an in-house legal team that helps teams with a variety of baseball-related issues.

Your bar membership must be in good standing, and you need experience with a law firm. If you can meet these requirements, you could be acting as a legal representative for your favorite coach or player.

So, if you’re detail-oriented, have outstanding negotiating skills, and have always dreamed about making it to the big leagues, now is your chance to make it happen as a counsel.

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