how to pursue a career in sports marketing

Many people have a love for sports and have played competitively growing up, only to realize that the dream of becoming a professional athlete is out of reach. However, you can remain close to sports in many ways by making a career of it.

One of those paths to professional sports is through the world of sports marketing. What’s involved and how does one pursue a sports marketing career?

What you need to know about sports marketing

What are the job responsibilities in sports marketing?

A sports marketing professional may work with leagues or teams planning activities during games to engage the fans. They may help with sales, public relations, help with the selection of advertising media, plan promotional campaigns, work with website designers, and develop pricing strategies for products, just to name a few responsibilities.

What degrees are required for a sports marketing career?

In general, a bachelor’s degree is required for a career in sports marketing, specifically in marketing or journalism. To prepare for the demands of the industry, make sure your educational background includes courses in sales, communication, photography, and consumer behavior. Additionally, a sports marketing internship during school will likely be very helpful because it will provide coveted experience. Some organizations even require an MBA.

Related degrees include Bachelor of Business Administration, Sports Business, or Sports Sponsorship; Bachelor of Science in Sports Management or Administration, Bachelor of Science in Sports Marketing; and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

What jobs are in sports marketing?

If you’ve thought about a career in sports marketing, there’s a variety of job titles out there to consider. In alphabetical order, specific careers include:

  • Account coordinator
  • Athletic business manager
  • Development director
  • Public relations specialist
  • Sales manager/representative
  • Sports agent
  • Sports athletic director
  • Sports events coordinator/planner
  • Sports marketing account executive or manager
  • VP of business development

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What skills are needed for sports marketing?

The preferred candidate for a job in sports marketing will have a solid foundation in business, economics, knowledge of ethics and law as it relates to sports marketing, human resources, and sales ability. Developing analytical and creative skills are also essential for recognizing trends to develop the most effective strategies. Numerous skills are required to be a successful sports marketer in the long run, but a newcomer looking to get their foot in the door can get by with just some, rather than all these skills.

As is the case in many careers, sports marketing professionals must be effective in communicating with the staff members and the public. This requires great interpersonal skills as the marketer often deals with a diverse group of people. Additionally, there’s a tremendous amount of decision-making and organizational skills needed to be successful. Without proper time and budget management, plans will be difficult to get off the ground.

Of course, none of these skills mean anything without a solid resume and performing well in interviews. The most educated and qualified might not get their foot in the door without a successful interview. Be confident in your ideas and how you can make them come to fruition, from conception through execution. Proving that you can apply what you learned in the classroom will make you stick out among the many that are vying for the same sports marketing jobs in this growing field.

What’s the salary for a career in sports marketing?

A sports marketing salary will depend on several factors, such as geographical location, experience, training, and education. Salaries can range from $40,000 to $200,000 depending on these factors. Once overlooked, sports marketing is now a field that could continue to increase in popularity with the rise of online marketing and advertising in the past decade.

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