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Ahhh…bowl games. We’ve survived the ups and downs of another season of football to get to the big game. It’s time to plan the big parties, gather our friends and family, turn on the big screen, and cheer on our team. And for those of us who fail to see our team make it even to a playoff game, it’s still an exciting time to talk trash and watch some good football.

When it comes to NCAA College Football, there is no end to the array of entertaining bowl games to watch. From the Outback Bowl to the Rose Bowl and even some lesser-known games, such as the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl – yes, it’s a thing – there’s something for everyone. And in February, the NFL presents the Super Bowl. A star-studded event, full of trick plays and sometimes controversial entertainment. 

But while you’ve planned your big get-together over the years, have you ever considered what it takes to put on a game of such magnitude? Have you ever wanted to be a part of the action? It’s more than just coaches and players. It’s a collective force of sports industry experts and even entry-level employees most with no experience as an athlete to ensure you get to enjoy the big day. 

If you’re passionate about a career in the sports industry, you could have a shot at being a part of the big day. In fact, you could be working with football professionals and industry experts to pull off one of the largest sporting events on television without putting on cleats.  

Want to get in the game? 

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Sports Jobs Involved in Football Bowl Games

For those of us who aren’t as athletically-inclined as Joe Burrow or Tom Brady, but desire to work in sports, all is not lost. There is an ever-growing number of sports and football jobs available for non-athletes — and bowl games need them more and more.

To pull off a successful bowl game, organizations utilize the help of a vast array of sports industry experts. If you want to be a part of the game, consider a career in one of the following:

Sports Marketing

Bowl games rely heavily on sports marketing. From the name and mascot to the logo, graphics, and marketing materials, sports marketers are in it from nearly the beginning. Can you imagine being the person who designed the logo for the Super Bowl? Crazy! 

They’re also responsible for media outreach and ad placement, helping to organize the halftime entertainment, and creating social buzz about the game. A ton of work, but man, it’s a ton of fun. And think of the people you’ll meet along the way. 




Event Coordinators

Venue. Dates. Time. Travel. All in a day’s work for an event coordinator. When bowl games need to schedule a game, they work with a team of event coordinators to secure a venue, coordinate food/beverages for both the team and the fans, get travel and transportation arrangements ready, and more. It’s no small task. 

In fact, coordinating and planning for an event of this magnitude can take hundreds of people and can be a year ‘round task. According to, it’s estimated that, for a typical bowl game, a stadium operations volunteer team can consist of 50 people, with the event management and production teams potentially rising to over 200. 

Sound exciting? If you’re big on details and organizing is just “your thing,” a career as a sporting event coordinator could be in your future. 

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Sports Broadcasters,Media, & Communications

Lights. Camera. Action. You need the hype people. The months and days of chatter leading to the big day and then the big event. Sports broadcasters, writers, and others in sports media and communications are a must to ensure people are talking about and staying engaged. They’re responsible for the interviews, the production of the heart-wrenching stories, and the highlights of the big plays. They get you engaged. 

Like the glitz and glam and get people talking? Then you should consider a career in sports media and broadcasting



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Legal Teams

You’ve got guys literally running into each other at full speed – on purpose – so, yeah, it goes without saying, legal teams are a must for bowl games. Not to mention, they’re needed to sign important paperwork when securing venues and signing contracts of any kind. They ensure vendors, coaches, players, organizations, and more are protected from lawsuits and legal action, so you get to watch an entertaining game of football. 

Interested in law and sports? You may want to consider a career in sports law



Ticket Sales

Want to go to the game? Then you need someone to sell tickets. While it’s not the most glamorous job for most, the games couldn’t happen without those sitting in the booths. If you want to move up in the industry, this is a great entry-level sports job to get your foot in the door. You could also move up into sales positions, selling season and special events tickets. Ticket sales representatives can rake in some serious dough and could be a career worth considering if you’re known for your ability to confidence and ability to communicate. 

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Event Staff/Security

Speaking of enjoying tailgating a little too much, can we give a huge shout out to the event and security staff that help keep us safe and in line? When you get thousands of people under the same roof to enjoy a sport – many of whom must watch while partaking in an alcoholic beverage or 10 – we need people to help keep things cool. They also work directly with the teams, providing security to top teams, players, and coaches while they’re at the stadium. A cool way to meet our favorite players – and possibly score an autograph. 


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Volunteers and Interns

Yes, bowl games look for interns and volunteers. Interested in being a ball boy – or woman? Want to be a part of the half-time show? Bowl games cost a fortune to produce, so they’re looking to save where they can. If you want to get up close and personal with the teams or venue entertainment, start searching for these positions. If, for nothing else, it is a great opportunity to have a story you can share for years to come. 


Get In the Game

Want to be part of the bowl game excitement? Then start looking for a job in sports today! From sports marketing and event coordinating positions to entry-level ticket sales and event staff jobs, there’s something for everyone. You just need to get out there and get in the game. 

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