A player in a blue jersey with white helmet reaches up to catch a football in front of a massive crowd.

The Super Bowl is a major event that NFL cities shell out millions of dollars for the opportunity to host. However, the amount of revenue a city makes off of the Super Bowl is a hotly debated topic. With the Super Bowl looming, we wanted to know whether or not our audience would want their city to host the super bowl or not.

With an overwhelming 89% of the vote – our audience says they’d love to have their city host a Super Bowl.

 Facebook post: Given the number of jobs & revenue The #SuperBowl brings in, would you be happy if you're city hosted one? trophy emoji football emoji money bag emoji
Facebook Poll Results: 85% for Heck Yeah, 15% for Nah, Not Worth the Stress
Tweet: Given the number of jobs & revenue The #SuperBowl Super Bowl LIV emoji brings in, would you be happy if you're city hosted one?
Twitter Poll Results: 92.9% for Heck Yeah, 7.1% for Nah, Not Worth the Stress

Whether the Super Bowl makes a city as much money as it costs to host is unknown and is intenely debated. According to the New York Times, the event can generate between $30-$400 million, of which about $29 Million would expected to be tax revenue.

However, sports economist Victor A. Matheson makes a case that the economics aren’t the only reason a city should want to host the Super Bowl. He states: “All of the economic stuff, if you’re lucky, is going to wash… We actually do get measurable impact from people’s satisfaction right after a city has hosted the Olympics, Super Bowl or World Cup,”

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