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The MLB is one of the most well-known sports organizations in the world. Since its founding in 1903, it has consistently thrived, providing baseball fans with countless hours of entertainment.

It’s also provided a wide range of employment opportunities to those with a passion for the sport. You don’t need to be a player to be involved in the MLB. If you want to work for this legendary organization, you have many career options from which to choose.

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7 of the Most Exciting MLB Careers 

Trying to land an MLB job? Here are some of the more noteworthy MLB careers to keep in mind. One may be ideal for your talents and interests.

1. Marketer

There are many reasons the MLB has attracted a substantial following throughout its existence. The fact that people around the world love watching baseball is, of course, the primary one.

That said, no sports organization can truly succeed without strong marketing. Both teams and leagues need the help of sports marketing specialists to spread the word about games, special events, new team/league developments, and anything else worth promoting.

This type of major league baseball job may appeal to you if you’re a creative individual who also has a mind for business. Effective marketing involves both developing innovative campaigns and strategizing to implement them successfully. 

It does help to have studied marketing or a related subject if you wish to break into this sector. However, if you get an internship, earn a certification sports management with a marketing specialization, or otherwise demonstrate your commitment to strong marketing, you could still climb the ladder, even if you didn’t focus on this subject in college.

2. Data Analysis

The movie Moneyball wasn’t just an entertaining look at a side of the MLB that’s rarely depicted on screen. It also highlighted a sports job that’s becoming increasingly important across numerous organizations.

Coaches, team owners, and plenty of other significant decision-makers in the MLB rely on data analysis to help them make strategic choices. These can include everything from decisions about which players to put on the field to which marketing channels they should optimize. In recent years, they’ve come to rely on data to an even greater degree, thanks to innovative technologies that make collecting valuable insights from their data easier than ever.

However, to truly take advantage of these insights, they need the help of people who are good with numbers. If that sounds like you, you might be interested in MLB jobs that involve data analysis.

3. Software Engineers

Many ambitious young people choose to study software engineering at college these days. It’s easy to understand why. Software engineering jobs are highly-valued across a range of industries and organizations.

The MLB is no exception. Responsibilities an MLB software engineer might have include (but are certainly not limited to): 

      • developing apps, 
      • maintaining infrastructure, and 
      • creating new digital platforms and tools to improve the customer experience (such as ticketing platforms) 

If you can’t decide between a job in sports and a job in tech, you may not have to.

4. Scouts

A baseball team is only as strong as all its players. That’s why scouts play a significant role in baseball. They travel to schools throughout the country, seeking players who have the talent and drive necessary to succeed in the major leagues.

You’ll need to understand what coaches and owners expect from talented athletes if you’re to make scouting your MLB career. It also helps to have experience scouting for a university first. However, if you do have the right knowledge, experience, and passion, you can land this job, helping talented young athletes turn their dreams into realities.

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5. Event Coordinators

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Watching any sports game in-person is a thrilling experience. That said, baseball games are uniquely magical. Very few other live sporting events have popular songs dedicated to them. 

If you’re a baseball fan, there’s a good chance you understand the magic of the ballgame. You might even want to be involved in creating that magic.

That’s what an event coordinator does. As the name implies, this sports job involves coordinating with many different parties, from food vendors to guest performers, to ensure baseball games go off without a hitch. Event coordinators are also typically involved in planning and executing related events throughout the season. Consider this Major League Baseball career if you’re a careful and precise planner. An organized mind will be key to your success.


6. Sports Writer

Like many other major sports organizations, the MLB doesn’t merely host baseball games; it also produces a wide range of content for fans to enjoy, which can include: 

      • videos of games, 
      • marketing content, 
      • coverage of special events, 
      • behind-the-scenes documentaries, and, thanks to the rise of digital marketing, much more

This is another MLB career that would likely appeal to a creative individual. Whether you’re following a team around to make a documentary showing what life is like for a sports team on the road, or you’re involved in getting coverage of games, working as a sports writer or journalist will naturally allow you to flex your creative muscles.

7. Trainer

Do you want to work directly with players and coaches to help their teams succeed? Do you also have a substantial background in fitness? If so, you might want to pursue a career as a trainer. In this capacity, you’ll develop and implement training plans for star athletes, ensuring they are in peak physical condition when they step out onto the field. It’s another behind-the-scenes sports job that nevertheless contributes to a team’s strength significantly.

Just remember that these are by no means all the MLB careers worth looking into. They are simply a few of the more popular options you may consider. The main point to keep in mind is that the MLB is a thriving organization. If you’re dedicated, you’re sure to find the ideal career opportunity.


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