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“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This old adage has remained popular throughout the years because it’s true. 

If you’re a golf fan, doing what you love can be easier than you think. You don’t need to be a pro to work in gold. There are many other golf jobs you can pursue. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, you have a good shot of landing a dream golf job that develops into a dream career.

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7 of the Best Professional Golf Jobs

The following are some of the more noteworthy jobs to consider.  

1. Tour Caddie

golf jobs tour caddy professional

Of course, someone who loves golf probably doesn’t merely enjoy watching it. There’s a good chance they also enjoy playing it.

If you’re that type of person, and if you’re truly a skilled and accomplished golfer, you might be able to get a job as a tour caddie.

This is one of the top golf jobs to consider. While caddies may not necessarily get as much attention as the pros, they do work directly with the pros, offering advice and guidance. It’s a behind-the-scenes role that nevertheless has a major impact on a golfer’s performance.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to network substantially with top golfers if you’re interested in this golf job. They select caddies they trust. Additionally, if you do work with a pro, you’ll likely have to travel often for work. That’s a practical factor worth considering as you plan your career.


2. Assistant Golf Pro Jobs

If you want a golf job, you may want to register as an associate with the PGA. Doing so signals to potential employers that you have the qualifications necessary to succeed in a range of positions. It can also help you network, meeting the types of people who might get you a job in the future.

For instance, another job you might wish to pursue is an assistant golf pro job. Assistant golf pros work at PGA Recognized Golf Facilities, handling numerous tasks. The PGA officially describes an assistant golf pro as someone who “spends at least 50% of the time working on club repair, merchandising, handicapping records, inventory control, bookkeeping, and tournament.”


3. Head Golf Professional Jobs

Taking on an assistant golf pro job doesn’t just give you the chance to do what you love for a living. It also gives you the opportunity to climb the ladder. If you make the right impression on your employers and continue to develop your skills, you could eventually pursue PGA head golf pro jobs.

According to the PGA, head golf pro jobs involve “ownership and operation of a golf shop at a PGA Recognized Golf Facility; or the supervision and direction of the golf shop and supervision of teaching at a PGA Recognized Golf Facility.”

This is a position to consider if you have strong business skills. Although owning and operating a major golf shop involves a lot of responsibility, you might be the type of person who embraces such a role.

4. PGA Instructor

golf jobs pga professional

Again, if you’re reading this, it’s highly likely you enjoy playing golf. That means you might want a job that allows you to help other golfers develop their skills.

If so, consider a job as an official PGA instructor. This is another instance when you’ll benefit from earning an official PGA certification.

You can probably imagine what being a golf instructor involves. In various capacities, you’ll work directly with customers at PGA Recognized Golf Facilities, helping them improve. That said, it’s worth noting that the PGA allows official golf instructors to provide assistance to customers both in-person and via the Internet. That allows for a certain degree of flexibility that not all golf jobs offer.


5. Jobs at the Masters Golf Tournament

There are many positions that need to be filled during the Masters. Of course, some jobs at the Masters Golf Tournament won’t lead to a major career. For example, you might get a job working with a food vendor during the tournament. That’s not the kind of role you’re seeking if you want a long-term golf job. However, if you’re a young person with little work experience, taking on any job at the Masters Golf Tournament can help you better understand if this is the type of environment you’d like to work in later.


6. University Golf Coach

It can’t be emphasized enough: registering for an official certification with the PGA is a very smart move if you’re looking for golf jobs. Membership will help you land open positions much more easily. Additionally, there are some instances when you are required to have an official PGA certification to qualify for a position.

For example, you’re far more likely to get hired as a golf coach at a college or university if you have the necessary certification, such as an instructor, a coach helps students become stronger golfers.

Many find that type of work to be substantially rewarding. Helping young people pursue their own pro golf dreams can provide you with a degree of satisfaction no other job could offer.

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7. Event Coordinator

It’s important to remember that the nature of golf jobs can vary substantially on a case-by-case basis. Thus, if you’re drawn to a career in golf, you can almost certainly find a job that aligns with your interests and skills.

For example, golf matches and tournaments are major events. Organizers must address numerous tasks and details to ensure these events run smoothly.

Event coordinators oversee the entire process. They typically work with major golf clubs, coordinating with all involved parties when planning and hosting events. If you’re a detail-minded person with strong communication and organization skills, you might be a good fit for this position.

Just remember that these examples merely represent some of the more significant golf jobs worth considering. As you pursue your career, explore all your options. That’s key to finding a professional golf job you’ll love.