For hockey fans, the cancellation of The NCAA Frozen Four this year is a big disappointment. However, if you love NCAA hockey and have always wanted to be a part of the action, you don’t have to be a spectator to make your dreams come true. There are many people behind-the-scenes that make NCAA hockey’s biggest event a success – you just need to take advantage of the opportunities.

Despite the cancellation of the tournament, jobs in NCAA hockey are still available – and are still in need of top candidates like you. You don’t have to be a hockey player to find – and land – a successful sports job in college hockey. You just need to discover the right opportunity for career success.

If you’re interested in pursuing a sports career in college hockey, you may want to consider one of the top jobs available in the industry. Keep in mind that job opportunities are boundless. If you want to discover more available sports jobs, offers free access to top jobs along with the opportunity to network with other industry professionals to increase your chances of landing the career you’ve always wanted

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NCAA Frozen Four: Hockey Jobs for Hockey Lovers

1. Event Coordinator

The NCAA Frozen Four Championships always attract a lot of attention from both fans and the media. Therefore, those involved in organizing the event need to plan and organize well in advance. As an event coordinator, you will be involved in coordinating with facilities managers, the media, teams, and much more.

It’s not a job for everyone. However, for people with strong attention to detail and the ability to work with others towards a common goal, an event coordinator position is extremely rewarding. You get to play a crucial role in making sure NCAA Hockey Frozen Four, and other significant college hockey events go off without a hitch.

It’s important to understand that your experience and qualifications will affect the specific nature of the role you play in any of these jobs. If you don’t have thorough experience as an event coordinator, you likely won’t start as a head event coordinator for the NCAA. You’ll more than likely need to begin working in the relevant department at a lower level first. Just remember that many people have turned entry-level NCAA Hockey jobs into thriving careers by working hard, learning as much as possible, and demonstrating their passion for the sport.

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2. Journalist or Reporter

Not all NCAA Hockey jobs necessarily involve working for the NCAA itself. For example, if you’re a hockey fan, you probably already know that many journalists and reporters from a relatively wide range of outlets typically cover the Frozen Four and other college hockey games every year.

Do you love to talk about college hockey? Do you consider yourself an expert in the industry – able to rattle off stats, games, and more at the drop of a hat? If so, consider pursuing a role as a sports journalist or reporter. Yes, you’ll need to treat the topic professionally, but your job would involve writing and talking about one of your favorite topics. The fact that you’d be getting paid to do it is just an added bonus.

It’s also worth noting that there are several ways to break into most of the fields listed here. For example, if you don’t have significant sports journalism experience, you might not be able to get a job as a professional journalist or reporter with a major sports news outlet right away. However, you could distinguish yourself by covering the NCAA Frozen Four on a freelance basis. Or, you might start with an entry-level position in the editorial department of a sports news publication, eventually climbing your way up the ladder if you make a good impression on your supervisors.

3. Marketing

College hockey has a ton of fans, and to make sure their fans have a chance to cheer on their favorite team, the NCAA markets games and championships across a wide range of media and channels. In fact, NCAA Hockey is promoted through TV, radio, sports news publications, social media, relevant websites, and much more.

What does this mean for you? It means the NCAA often has a lot of marketing positions to fill.

If you already have marketing experience, but want to make a slight career move to something more rewarding, consider sports marketing for NCAA hockey. The fact that you already have experience means you might not have to start out on a lower rung of the ladder in a marketing department. However, as is the case with all these examples, even if you don’t have much experience just yet, you could still cultivate a marketing career by performing well in a smaller role at first. Marketers need plenty of assistants and interns!

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4. Public Relations Specialist

The role of a PR specialist may initially sound similar to that of a marketer, but the nature of these two common sports jobs is actually different in several key ways.

Marketers generally focus on directly providing revenue by promoting key events and other potential revenue sources. For example, a marketer might plan and implement a social media campaign designed to attract more fans to the NCAA Frozen Four. They would create revenue by maximizing ticket sales.

A PR specialist, on the other hand, strives to ensure the organization maintains a positive relationship with the general public and all relevant stakeholders. For instance, perhaps an unforeseen scandal strikes the NCAA in the weeks leading up to the Frozen Four. A PR specialist would coordinate with others to develop a communication strategy designed to ensure the scandal doesn’t negatively impact how fans and others feel about the NCAA in general.

To some degree, this might involve working with marketing departments. A PR specialist might develop the message the organization wants to send to the public. A marketer might help them get it out there by developing specific content based on that message and publishing it on relevant marketing channels. Thus, you may be interested in this type of NCAA job if you enjoy some aspects of marketing, but also want to help the organization succeed in a broader way.

Again, keep in mind that these are not the only NCAA hockey jobs worth considering. There are countless sports jobs available, you just need to have the drive and determination