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If you’re a sports-lover, there’s a good chance you’d find a career in the sports industry very rewarding. That’s why you may want to consider earning a sports management certificate. Doing so will certainly make you a more attractive candidate for sports management jobs.

That said, you might wonder whether you need to be an athlete to major in sports management. The short answer? A resounding no. Although some sports management jobs are easier to land if you have experience as an athlete, there are plenty of positions that don’t require it.

The following points will help you better understand why you don’t need to play sports to get a job in the industry. All you need is dedication and a passion for sports in general.

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Sports Management Jobs Are Diverse

Again, it is true that you’ll be more likely to qualify for certain sports jobs if you’ve been an athlete at some point in your life. For instance, many (though not all) coaches need to understand how to play the game from the perspective of an athlete.

However, there are also plenty of other jobs you can get with a sports management certificate that requires an understanding of sports, but not necessarily any substantial experience playing them.
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For instance, all major sports organizations have marketing and PR departments. The people who fill roles in these departments aren’t necessarily former athletes.

The same is true of sports journalists, sports agents, event coordinators, and numerous other professionals. Having the proper qualifications in your area of expertise is far more important than being an athlete if you’re interested in these types of positions.

That’s why you should consider pursuing a sports management certificate if you want to work in the industry. Potential employers will be far more likely to consider you for a position if you can demonstrate that you understand sports management thoroughly. Additionally, while you may already have some familiarity with the sports industry, there might be some sports management topics you’re not thoroughly familiar with. Earning a sports management certificate will help you fill in those knowledge gaps.

It will also help you better understand what types of opportunities are available to those interested in sports jobs. Once again, the sports industry offers a wide range of job opportunities for anyone willing to work hard and pursue their goals. There’s a good chance you don’t know about many of the career paths available to you. Majoring in sports management will give you the chance to learn about all your options.

Sports Management Salary: What You Need to Know

You could potentially score (no pun intended) a very lucrative job with a sports management certificate. That said, it’s important to understand that sports management salaries can vary fairly substantially from one role to another. Numerous factors, including experience, the type of organization you work for, and the specific position you fill will affect how much you could earn.

An average sports management salary for someone just starting their career may range from approximately $35,000 to $42,000. The median sports management salary for professionals who’ve worked in the industry for less than a year is typically $36,000.

That may not sound like a lot right now. However, keep in mind that your pay can increase as you progress in your career. For instance, it’s not uncommon for experienced sports management professionals to take home six-figure salaries.

You also need to remember that you may have the opportunity to earn an even higher sports management salary if you have an entrepreneurial drive. That’s because not all sports management jobs need to involve working under an employer. Sports agents, consultants, attorneys, and even scouts often work independently, either as contractors or as owners of their own businesses. Such professionals can earn millions of dollars a year in some cases.

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Sports Management Certificates: Know Your Options

Not all sports management certificates are the same. You should research your options before deciding which type of sports management certificate program you wish to enroll in.

For instance, some sports management certificate programs offer a general overview of the industry. This is an option worth considering if you’re not sure what specific career path you want to pursue just yet. On the other hand, other programs focus on specific areas of sports management, such as sports law. You’d consider these options if your goals are already clear.

Just remember, you certainly don’t need to be an athlete to major in sports management. The industry offers plenty of job opportunities. The right certificate will help you qualify for them.