A college baseball player in a purple jersey swings at a ball.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused severe damage to the landscape of college sports. Recently, colleges across the nation, including Cincinnati, Old Dominion, Akron, Central Michigan, East Carolina, and Florida International, have dropped sports programs, with others severely cutting budgets.

So, we wanted to know: Does knowing this make you more likely to support college sports that earn less revenue?

100% of respondents said they would support these programs.

Facebook Post: With college's such as the University of Cincinnati, Old Dominion University, and East Carolina University deciding to cut some of their sports programs, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven itself to be a crisis for student-athletes around the country. So, Jobs In Sports wants your thoughts: Do the effects of COVID-19 make you more or less likely to support college's less revenue-producing sports, such as wrestling and lacrosse, into the future?
48% for Great For Football, 52% for Horrible For The Sport

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