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Whether you already work in the sports management industry, or you wish to in the future, one of the best ways to land the sports management job of your dreams is to focus on learning as much as you can about your field. That’s why it’s a good idea to look into continuing education options. You’ll be more likely to make a strong impression on potential employers if you can demonstrate you have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a range of sports management jobs.

The following are a few options worth considering. If you’re interested in giving yourself a career boost through continuing education, keep them in mind.

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Sports Management: Continuing Education Options 

Sports Management Certificates

Enrolling in a sports management certificate program can help you make strides in your career in a number of ways. If you’re just starting out, you can earn a general degree, covering the essentials of the industry. Doing so will provide you with a basic foundation you can build upon as you pursue sports management jobs. It will also give you a more thorough understanding of the various types of sports management jobs you may be interested in, helping you clarify your specific career goals in the process.

On the other hand, many of these sports management certificate programs actually allow you to focus on one key area of sports management, such as sports marketing, event management, and sports law and finance, to name a few. You may want to enroll in one of those programs if you already know which area of sports management you want to work in. Such a program will deepen your knowledge of that area, significantly improving your chances of getting a job.

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Online Programs

You may assume enrolling in a sports management certificate program isn’t a viable option for you right now due to a range of potential circumstances. Maybe you have other responsibilities in your life, and you can’t drop them to attend school.

Don’t worry if that’s the case. Online sports management certificate programs offer the same benefits as in-person programs, along with added flexibility. Naturally, you can complete them from home, so geography isn’t a limiting factor. Instead of being forced to enroll in a program at an institution close to where you live, you can instead choose the best program for your goals, regardless of where it’s based. 

Being able to take classes online also gives you the freedom to continue working at your current job. Thus, you don’t need to decide between pursuing future goals and maintaining your currently stable lifestyle. You can have both.

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The Benefits 

Even if you already have a sports management job, there are plenty of reasons to enroll in continuing education programs. Aside from expanding your general or specialized knowledge of key sports management topics, they’ll also help you stay informed about industry developments.

The sports industry is always changing. You may have been an expert in your given area of sports management a decade ago, but if you remain stuck in your old ways, you might not be as valuable to employers now as you were in the past. Luckily, it’s possible to guard against this by focusing on continuing education. The right program will update you on all relevant developments, ensuring you’re still equipped to thrive in your line of work.

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You might also simply be unhappy with your current sports management job. Perhaps you still want to work in the sports management industry, but you want to do so in a different capacity. In that case, enrolling in a sports management certificate program that focuses on a different area of the industry will help you more smoothly transition to a new role. 

Additionally, while no one likes to think about this topic, you have to be realistic and concede that you can’t be completely certain your job will always be secure. Even strong employees can lose their jobs for a variety of reasons unrelated to performance. Being educated in a wide range of sports management topics will help if this ever happens to you. Should you find yourself unexpectedly hunting for another sports management job, finding one will be much easier when you can demonstrate you take your sports management career seriously and strive to expand your skillset. 

These are all good reasons to review your options regarding continuing education for sports management professionals. Just make sure you choose the ideal program for your goals and lifestyle.