A puck sits in the goal during the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals

The Tampa Bay Lightning fell short of winning the Stanley Cup Finals on Saturday, following an overtime comeback win for the Dallas Stars in Game 5. However, our social followers failed to predict this outcome as a large majority thought the Lightning would close it out in Game 5.

We wanted to know your thoughts on the series: Who did you think would win game 5 – would the Lightning seal the deal or would the Stars go on to force a Game 6. While the Lightning lost Game 5, our audience still has a chance to win: 76.9% of respondents voted that the Lightning would win the series.

Tweet: "VOTE NOW: Who will Win The Eastern Conference Finals  The Heat have come back from 2 double-digit deficits to blindside the Celtics. Do you think the Heat's comebacks are all smoke, or Do you think the Celtics have run out of luck?"
Twitter Poll Results: 76.9% for Tampa Bay Lightning, 23.1% for Dallas Stars.

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