A soccer player prepares to kick an incoming ball.

On September 29th, all in-person activities at the Titans’ facility were suspended after 8 players tested positive for COVID-19. On September 30th, the NFL announced that the Steelers vs. Titans game that was scheduled for September 4th had been postponed. On October 1st, Major League Soccer also announced the September 3rd match between the Portland Timbers and Colorado Rapids had also been postponed.

These postponements were joined by the October 4th New England at Kansas City postponed until October 5 or 6 due to coronavirus positive tests, including New England’s starting Quarterback Cam Newton.

In light of these postponements, we wanted to know your thoughts. We polled our social media audience to find out if they thought these postponements would continue or if this was just a bump in the road.

With 80% of the vote, our audience states they believe that more games will be postponed – and it looks like they will be right. While more games will likely be postponed – it seems like the major sports leagues have a plan to minimize the damage.

Tweet: "VOTE NOW: Who will Win The Eastern Conference Finals  The Heat have come back from 2 double-digit deficits to blindside the Celtics. Do you think the Heat's comebacks are all smoke, or Do you think the Celtics have run out of luck?"
Twitter Poll Results:80% for More Postponed, 20% for No More Postponed.

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