A football stands upright on a football field waiting to be kicked.

Should NFL teams be forced to forfeit?

After suspending all in-person activities at the Titans’ facility on September 29th after multiple positive COVID-19 tests, the NFL announced via a league-wide memo that outlined the potential punishments for violating COVID-19 protocols. This memo clearly prohibited group workouts between players for COVID-19 positive teams.

Among the potential punishments for violations was the possibility for a fines, a loss of draft picks, and even forfeiture of games.

Despite this warning, multiple Titans players held a group workout at a local high school.

In light of these violations, we wanted to know our audience’s thoughts: Do you think NFL teams should be forced to forfeit games they are unable to play due to violations of the NFL’s COVID-19 protocol? The answers were clear.

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Twitter Poll Results: 45% for Yes, teams should forfeit, 55% for No forfeits.

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