7 UFC Career Opportunities Worth Pursuing

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is dedicated to employee wellness. In its descriptions for recently posted UFC jobs, the company mentions the on-site gym and health-focused cafe at its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. The organization even offers health and nutrition classes throughout the year.

Do you want a stable sports job in mixed martial arts? The UFC should look appealing: it is the top MMA promoter globally and the highest-volume provider of pay-per-view events.

7 of the Most Enticing UFC Jobs

You can see how diverse UFC career opportunities are through this list of seven worth pursuing:

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1. Athlete Health and Performance Coordinator – Of all the UFC jobs reviewed here, this one may be the most appealing to those passionate about sports medicine. You get the chance to communicate regularly with athletes, and their managers, insurance carriers, and healthcare practitioners. In these jobs in sports, you check for any noncompliance issues revealed by athlete records and take action to correct problems. When anything is noncompliant, the Athlete Health and Performance Coordinator sends letters on any ailments or injuries to the athletes and managers, and any forms they need to submit. This role reports to the Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance.

2. Business Development Coordinator – If you excel at sales and want to work in sports, UFC careers in business development could be a great fit. The Business Development Coordinator role centers around sales meetings. So that these meetings are fruitful, you first complete market research to determine what partnerships might be the most valuable. Then you prepare presentations to suit the audience. You consider the expectations of clients as you decide on inventory solutions that reflect what is in proposals. You will also manage RFPs in collaboration with your sales colleagues.

3. Senior Director of Licensing – Combine your love for sports, toys, and video games with your expertise in licensing by pursuing UFC jobs that handle the licenses. The scope is broad for the Senior Director of Licensing, requiring license management for hardgoods, such as collectibles and toys, along with digital and video game properties. In collaboration with colleagues in branding and sports marketing, you prepare go-to-market plans, strategize organizational integrations, and manage partner relationships. If you are looking for jobs in sports with prestige, this position will suit you: it has international reach and reports directly to the Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products.

4. Performance Support Manager – Those interested in UFC career opportunities who thrive in an interdisciplinary team environment should take note of this role at the UFC Performance Institute. Actually, under the direction of the Vice President, Performance, you manage interdisciplinary communications. The position is also centrally focused on managing and improving the Athlete Management System’s (AMS) data visualization, analytics, and database capabilities. Along with assisting the Vice President, Performance, you also support the efforts of the Vice President, Athlete Development.

5. Digital Coordinator – If you love the internet and want to work in sports, you can get a position that focuses on the UFC website. As the Digital Coordinator, you make sure that the UFC brand shines online. You work closely with creatives who create content to engage site visitors. When you get content from the creators, you correct the formatting, apply technical edits, and align it with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. You also verify that all the information on the site is correct and completely updated.

6. Sponsorship Sales Senior Director – As the Sponsorship Sales Senior Director, you create, optimize, and sell sponsorship opportunities. The key to performing UFC jobs in sponsorship well is authenticity, so it is essential that you love what the UFC offers and that you stay knowledgeable about its spectrum of offerings. You blend your own sales background and creativity with findings from research and data analysis.

7. International Financial Controller – Of all the UFC careers covered in this piece, this one is the most comfortable for those who like interacting with the numbers. In this position, you help management make the best financial decisions by presenting financial information and recommendations. You also handle accounting and finances beyond US borders; plus, you are responsible for confirming that all reports and information comply with company policies.

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