Top Sports Jobs In New York

Sports jobs in New York City are diverse, and many of them do not require you to be an athlete. Some jobs involve developing media content. Others utilize marketing and sales skills. Still, others are devoted to supporting physical and mental health. Here are some of the most in-demand jobs in sports in the Big Apple. Below the job descriptions are current sample openings for sports jobs in New York.

Sports Management Jobs In New York

Types of sports management jobs that are available in New York include the following:

• Guest Relations Manager — Guest relations managers oversee the customer service team in the venue and verify that employees are following policies. Additionally, they find solutions to challenging issues.

Facility Operations Manager – Professionals in this role hire custodians, oversee construction crews, devise emergency response plans, and handle ticketing. The overarching concerns are smooth maintenance and enhancement of the venue.

Marketing Specialist– Both traditional and digital marketing are key to sports franchises. They interact with sponsors and build engagement with the organization. They boost sales while bolstering the brand through the promotion of the team and its athletes.

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Corporate Partnerships Manager – Two key corporate relationships for a sports organization are with media outlets and companies wanting to promote themselves. People in these roles prospect and manage existing partnerships. They also craft agreements and oversee their fulfillment.

Athletics Administrator– The job tasks of a sports administrator are broad. These leaders are in charge of hiring employees and letting them go. They place equipment orders. Especially in college football, another central responsibility is legal compliance. Administrators make decisions organization-wide.

Financial Analyst– The financial analyst examines the company’s expenses and funds, issuing reports on progress. Plus, they check and strengthen contracts with vendors and athletes.

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Game Day Coordinator– Individuals in this position make sure everything is in place on game day, serving as a connection point between management, the venue, and the fans. They guide the execution, promotion, and broadcasting of the game.

You can develop an exciting career through any of the above sports management jobs in New York City.

Sports Radio Jobs In New York

Some of the top careers in sports radio are broadcasting jobs that can also be found on TV. Three of the most popular careers in this category include the following:

Producer — Producers make sure that broadcasts are both colorful and compliant with regulations. They compile the various pieces of the presentations, putting together the content behind the scenes.

Account Executive — In this role, professionals foster relationships with current advertising clients and prospect for new ones.

Announcer/Analyst — Announcers give play-by-play updates, comment on the action, and provide news related to the game and players.

If you are passionate about sports, you can develop a meaningful career through any of the above sports radio jobs in New York City.

Sports Agent Jobs In New York

After watching Jerry Maguire, you might think that sports agents spend most of their time negotiating contracts for their current clients. While that task is key to these roles, most of a sports agent’s time is spent recruiting new clients. Still, the reason agents are hired is for their proficiency at those negotiations. If you want to interact directly with athletes, seek out sports agent jobs in New York.

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Sports Job Opportunities Available In New York

Are you looking for a job right now? Here are sample sports jobs in New York City that are currently available:

Senior Coordinator

If you have a background in sports business, this role for a sports team could be perfect. Key responsibilities include developing digital insights, improving performance management, and overseeing an analytics database. See the job.

Sales Executive

This sales executive position is for professionals who are proven leaders in the field. Your work in this job for a sports and entertainment company would involve partnership negotiations and strategizing the ongoing sales approach. The employer requires at least five years of revenue leadership to apply. See the job.

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Head Writer / Showrunner (temporary)

Bleacher Report is hiring for a head writer and showrunner. This role includes directing voice actors, staying on budget and on time, and managing the other writers. You would be in charge of turning initial creative ideas into finished scripts ready for production. See the job.

More Sports Jobs In New York

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