Top Seattle Kraken Jobs Up for Grabs

At the Seattle Kraken, NHL jobs are more broadly available than elsewhere. After all, the team is just launching.

The Kraken are not just the newest National Hockey League team (announcing their official name in July 2020). They are also an exciting organization because their name is crowdsourced. A total of 215,000 people voted, and the Kraken was the top choice. While the Kraken is a sea monster from Scandinavian folklore, Seattle’s coastal waters are home to a sea monster of sorts: the giant Pacific octopus, which has measured as large as 600+ pounds and 30 feet wide.

What’s more, working for the Kraken is a chance to be a part of an organization highly focused on sustainability. The team’s Climate Pledge Arena started with the Seattle Center Arena and revamped it into a carbon-neutral facility.

Fans of hockey in Washington and nationwide are enthusiastic about this new endeavor. People who love sports and are pursuing careers in sports management will be interested in the following Seattle Kraken job opportunities:

Exciting Seattle Kraken NHL jobs

Here are four Seattle Kraken hockey jobs to advance your career in sports:

1. IT systems administrator

The Kraken are seeking an IT expert who is passionate about revamping the technology of the team. This individual should excel at interpersonal communication and problem-solving. When anyone in the team’s front office has tricky IT conundrums, you will be the go-to for effective resolution.

One of the best Seattle Kraken job opportunities for those with computer science skills, sample responsibilities of this position include:

  • PC and Mac end-user support
  • Managed service provider relationship management
  • Communication with additional external IT service providers
  • IT hardware purchasing and inventory management
  • Support for the hiring and firing of IT staff
  • Monitoring of the Kraken network
  • Management and execution of large-scale IT projects
  • Handling of failover protection, disaster recovery, and overall data protection.

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2. Community programs coordinator

This individual will be in charge of organizing fundraising programs and events. They will also be tasked with departmental support. The role is best suited to someone who is high-energy and driven to proactively find solutions to challenges.

If you are community-minded and love interactivity, this is one of the best Seattle Kraken job openings. Some of the most important items of business for you will be the following:

  • Coordination of the 50/50 raffle, paying special attention to state gambling compliance
  • Handling the development of digital media for the team’s foundation, including the website
  • Merchandise sales and other fundraising.

3. Graphic designer

To land Seattle Kraken NHL jobs in the graphic design department, you will need to have an impressive portfolio.

Core tasks for a Seattle Kraken career in design may include the following:

  • Logos
  • Brand identities
  • Signs
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Printed flyers
  • Shirts
  • Tickets
  • Team-related magazines or books
  • Social media ads
  • Search engine ads
  • GIFs / motion graphics.

Sports graphic designer Brandon Moore has advice for landing Seattle Kraken job opportunities in this category. First, he stresses that you need to present your portfolio on various applications common to sports teams. Additionally, he notes how crucial networking – see below information on our network – is for successfully establishing a Seattle Kraken career (or developing your profession elsewhere).

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4. Staff accountant

If you have a passion for finance and sports, you should find Seattle Kraken NHL jobs in the accounting department compelling. For this position, you want to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Earning an MBA in sports management will help you stand out from other applicants.

Core tasks for number-crunching Seattle Kraken job opportunities include the following:

  • Payroll management
  • Tax management for top player earnings, extending to image rights, sponsorships, and appearance money
  • Collaboration with marketing leadership to analyze sponsorship and advertising contracts.

Those who have the best shot at getting Seattle Kraken NHL jobs in accounting should have extraordinary attention to detail, the ability to identify financial risks, and a strong analytical capacity.

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Landing Seattle Kraken NHL Jobs

Do you love hockey? Are you thrilled about joining the National Hockey League’s newest franchise and becoming part of the buzz of a startup? Is an organization’s commitment to environmental sustainability particularly important to you? If your answers are enthusiastic yeses, the above Seattle Kraken job openings could be perfect fits for you.