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Knowing the best sports companies to work for should interest not just the next Serena Williams but anyone who loves sports. Those with a passion for sports have many industry opportunities, from training athletes to analyzing data, from marketing sports apparel to developing athletic platforms. Here are eight of the best companies to work for in sports — any of which could be your next employer.

Top Sports Companies for Fans Who Want to Work in the Industry

1. NBA

As indicated above, jobs in sports are broad – and the National Basketball Association has roles in diverse categories. Whether you want to run research projects, manage events, coordinate sales, secure buildings, or treat players, the NBA could offer your dream job.

The NBA is one of the best sports companies to work for because its size allows it to offer strong benefits. Some of those are aligned with its brand: fitness, nutrition, and health. For one thing, the NBA subsidizes employee gym memberships and fruit delivery. You can even get preventive care onsite!

An extension of the health focus is the standard benefit of access to group medical, dental, and vision insurance policies. Plus, you can often get a flexible work schedule and access paid time off with full-time positions.

The organization supports working families through personal development, adoption assistance, and elder and child care.

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2. Hudl


Hudl is a sports company that develops and supports a pro, college, and high school team platform. Athletes and coaches use the collaborative platform to outperform rivals. If you want remote sports jobs, explore opportunities at this tech company.

Hudl helps:

  • Players learn new strategies and create highlight reels; and
  • Coaches upload game videos, interpret data for their players, and insert comments.

A key reason that Hudl is so awesome is its culture. Movie nights and happy hours are common team-building activities. You also get two free tickets to a game of one of the hundreds of Hudl partner teams.

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3. NFL


Getting professional football jobs in any category can be competitive. However, the National Football League is a behemoth of an organization, so those who want to work in sports have options. There are diverse opportunities for those with degrees in engineering and marketing. For example, there are positions for people without degrees too.

Many people want to work for the NFL simply as a point of pride: they love football and want to be involved. The good news is you don’t just get to tell people you work at the NFL but are building toward something with solid pension and 401(k) programs. Generally, benefits are impressive, just like at the NBA: along with medical, dental, and vision insurance, you get a small life insurance policy, identity theft protection, and even pet insurance.

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4. SeatGeek

Are you looking for enjoyable work integrated with great ping-pong? What about after-work bowling, Nerf basketball, or Xbox tournaments? These types of friendly contests provide stress relief and fun for the staff of SeatGeek, often cited as one of the best companies to work for in sports.

SeatGeek is a ticket hub for sports (as well as concert and theatrical) events. It aggregates data from numerous sellers and highlights a ticket’s value with a proprietary Deal Score.

5. MLB

The MLB culture is generally inviting, with business-casual attire standards. As with the NFL and NBA, you get access to great benefits packages with these jobs in sports: gym discounts, retirement benefits, and commuter benefits, as well as the staples of paid time off and insurance access (medical, dental, vision, and life).

One team that rated particularly well based on research released in 2015 by sports attorney and GAME founder Jason Belzer was the Arizona Diamondbacks. Arizona has made a name for itself in the league in terms of its culture, with Belzer finding its employees rated it highly.



NCSA Athletic Recruiting, a scouting agency for the NCAA and other colleges, is one of the most highly reviewed sports companies. Sample types of careers you can pursue with the NCSA extend beyond scouting roles to business partnership management, data analysis, customer service, and sales. Employees of the NCSA have described its caring culture that leadership actually reaches out with supportive calls during hard times.

7. Lululemon


As with the pro sports leagues, Lululemon offers great health, dental, and vision insurance, along with stock matching and a 401(k) program. You really score at this company, though, with paid parental leave: six months is standard, making Lululemon one of the best sports companies to work for.

You get $25 per week toward fitness classes or gym memberships. Finally, you access great prices on what the company makes: sports apparel. Full-time personnel gets a whopping 60 percent discount!

A company with a massive digital presence, Lululemon could be an excellent match if you are seeking remote sports jobs.

8. NHL

The National Hockey League has incredible benefits packages as the other major sports leagues do. The NHL is particularly important right now to some job-seekers, given the new Seattle Kraken’s Climate Pledge Arena. Those who are environmentalists or appreciate sustainability practices appreciate the venue’s conversion to 100% carbon-neutrality.

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