Top Spring Sports Management Internships

Are you in search of spring sports management internships in 2021? As in past years, this year offers various positions available that could launch your career in sports. In fact, sports internships have been a key path for those who want to work in sports for decades.

One football enthusiast who graduated from college in 1981 reached out for an internship with a letter to every NFL team. While he did not get any offers from a team, he did land an interview with the league itself. He nailed it and became an intern at the main office in New York. The intern turned this initial opportunity into full-time jobs. Three years later, he was a PR assistant for the NFL. Three years after that, the AFC president took him on as an assistant.

Today, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a testament to the power of sports internships. These opportunities give young people a chance to showcase their skills and increase their ability to land jobs in sports. Sports internships allow you to build your resume and get networked while experiencing the industry’s daily inner workings.

If you want spring sports management internships, 2021 has various opportunities to offer:

Spring Sports Management Internships: 2021

For those who desire experience suitable for jobs in sports, these are the top Spring sports management internships to go after to launch your career.

Business Operations Internships

This sports management internship often involves planning and executing gameday setup and tear-down, as well as completing other gameday duties.

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Tasks that you will be responsible for include:

  • Assistance with administrative tasks within the business operations department
  • Facilitation of requests for in-house production
  • Monitoring of coverage in the press
  • Additional operational tasks.

In order to land this internship, you will need to have the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Organizational skills
  • A strong work ethic
  • Aptitude with Microsoft Office
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Availability throughout the week to work various shifts and days.

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Data Analytics Interns

This type of Spring sports management internship usually involves the organization and cleaning of mobile app data. Data analysis is also key to the role.

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Core tasks of this internship typically are:

  • Data analysis via SQL queries based on client requests
  • Development of data analysis presentations
  • Tableau dashboard creation, improvement, and maintenance
  • Additional analytic tasks.

Qualifications you may need to win this type of Spring sports management internship include:

  • A computer engineering or computer science degree
  • Deep programming knowledge
  • Experience working with SQL
  • Background with the AWS cloud environment
  • Consistent diligence.

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Remote Marketing Internships

Are you looking for a work-from-home sports internship that allows you to be creative? You’re in luck. There are several remote marketing internships available this year – and possibly for years to come.

Core tasks of this type of this Spring sports management internship are:

  • Collaboration on marketing with in-house social media specialists
  • Scheduling of creative posts
  • Management of creative archives.

To score this internship, the following qualifications are typically needed:

  • Either a bachelor’s degree earned in the past year and a half or current status as a college junior or senior
  • Relevant experience or a prior internship.

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Product Testing Interns

Sports technology companies throughout the United States are seeking interns to conduct the pre-launch testing of mobile apps and associated features.

Key tasks of the position typically include:

  • Test script creation and updates
  • Assistance in execution of tests
  • Product shipment verification
  • Additional duties.

Requirements of product testing interns are usually as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field
  • Experience creating test cases
  • High energy and motivation
  • On-the-job diligence.

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Football Team Internships

Football franchises across the United States are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent to add to their team. Positions are typically broad, ranging from tasks related to football operations, ticketing, communication, marketing, and sales.

Here is what you need to qualify for most Spring football internships:

  • A minimum college GPA of 3.0
  • Availability throughout the week to work different days and hours
  • Great problem-solving capacity
  • Strong initiative
  • Ability to switch rapidly between various tasks
  • Leadership experience.

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Project Management Internships

If you are passionate about sports and skilled with technology, this type of Spring sports internship may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Duties typically include:

  • taking care of client requests
  • writing and monitoring of designer and developer tasks
  • guiding on-time delivery of product releases.

To land this position, you may need the following:

  • Engineering, business, or technical writing degree
  • Diligence
  • Multitasking capacity
  • Track record in technical writing
  • Background with Confluence and JIRA.

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Spring Sports Management Internships: 2021 Offerings

Do you want to work in sports? Just like Roger Goodell, a sports internship can get you started. Both when you are looking for internships and seeking full-time jobs down the line, your connections can be essential. Why not start today? Spring is just around the corner. Join our network today and connect with top sports organizations and Spring internship opportunities.