How to Become A Baseball Operations Intern

You don’t have to be a star athlete to work in baseball. If you love the sport, you should keep in mind that there are a number of MLB jobs that don’t involve being on the field and playing the game.

For example, if you’re a baseball fan considering their career options, you may be interested in a career in baseball operations. This can give you the chance to work with a team directly and fill an extremely important role in a baseball organization. That might be a very rewarding experience for someone like you. 

There are many ways you can improve your chances of landing a job in a baseball operations department. One is to become a baseball operations intern. Along with helping you form relationships with those who might be able to help you get hired later, being a baseball operations intern will give you a better sense of what your eventual career might involve. This will make it easier to determine if becoming a baseball operations professional is right for you.

About Baseball Operations Jobs

The specific duties of baseball operations professionals can vary depending on the exact position they fill. In general, this is someone who works to address certain off-the-field and on-the-field team needs. Potential duties of someone responsible for baseball operations may include (but are not necessarily limited to) coordinating team travel, ensuring practices are scheduled, ensuring teams are complying with league rules, and assisting with player recruitment.

It’s worth noting that baseball operations professionals must often travel with teams. This is an important factor to keep in mind if you’re considering pursuing a career in this niche.

How Much Does Baseball Operations Jobs Pay?

Just as the duties of baseball operations can vary depending on the specific nature of their role (as there are often a number of positions that need to be filled in a baseball operations department), the salaries can also vary. Data indicates the current average salary range for a baseball operations professional at the MLB is $46,745 to $50,849.

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What Does a Baseball Operations Intern Do?

A baseball operations intern can be responsible for handling numerous tasks. Examples include preparing or checking paperwork related to transactions and recruitment, assisting in the acquisition of on-field technology and equipment, reviewing player contract structures, and more.

This can seem intimidating to someone who has little experience with this type of work but nevertheless believes that working in baseball operations would be a fulfilling professional experience. Don’t worry if you’re concerned that a baseball operations internship will be too demanding. Like most internships, a baseball operations internship is typically designed to give an intern a general sense of what their job may involve if they continue on this career path while also ensuring that they aren’t saddled with responsibilities and tasks for which they may not yet be qualified to handle.

That said, you should know that a baseball operations internship can require you to invest a somewhat significant amount of your time. For example, one MLB internship for those interested in working as baseball operations professionals runs for 12 weeks, from the end of May to the middle of August. This isn’t meant to discourage you from looking for opportunities as a baseball operations intern. On the contrary, it’s meant to help you prepare for the experience accordingly.

Do Baseball Operations Interns Get Paid?

There’s no guarantee that you will receive any form of payment as a baseball operations intern. Whether you make any money will depend at least in part on the organization you intern for.

That said, the baseball operations internship mentioned in the above section is a paid one. While you shouldn’t necessarily expect to make a large sum of money as a baseball operations intern, there’s a good chance you’ll earn enough to make the experience worth your time. Remember, in the long run, an internship can be financially rewarding because it can improve your chances of landing a high-paying MLB job in the future.

How to Become an Intern in Baseball

Those who review baseball operations internship applications state on their job/internship descriptions that they look for candidates with certain essential qualities. Some of these qualities are very practical and basic. For example, a job listing for the MLB internship described in the above two sections of this overview states that it’s ideal if a candidate is proficient in such programs as Microsoft Excel. Additionally, a candidate should be someone who is comfortable working with relatively large sets of data.

It’s also important for an applicant for a baseball operations internship to have a general familiarity with current events in baseball. If you’re interested in becoming a baseball operations intern, that’s unlikely to be an issue. You’re probably someone who follows baseball closely already.

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Baseball operations internship descriptions also tend to emphasize the value of communication skills. Baseball operations professionals are often responsible for coordinating with a fairly large number of others within an organization. Thus, they need to be able to communicate clearly both in speech and in writing.

Remember that when submitting an application. Your application may require a cover letter. When writing one, be very conscious of the way your application’s cover letter can demonstrate your writing skills.

Finally, the job descriptions for these types of internships frequently state that the ideal intern is someone who is clearly passionate about baseball and sports in general. This may seem obvious, but you should use your application as a way of showing that you not only possess practical qualifications but also have a genuine enthusiasm for working in baseball.

Start Searching for MLB Internships

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