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If you’re passionate about baseball and live in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area, what could be better than finding a career with the Tampa Bay Rays? Doing so would give you a chance to do what you love every day, and it’s difficult to put a price on that.

But applying for a job with the Rays and getting hired for one are two completely different things. That’s why we’ve put together this article. It covers everything you need to know about Tampa Bay Rays jobs to help you get hired.

Let’s get started.

About the Tampa Bay Rays

About the Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays are a Major League Baseball Team based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. They were founded in 1998 and play in the American League’s East Division.

The team has made it to the world series twice (as recently as 2021) but failed to win the series both times. As a new employee of the Tampa Bay Rays, you can do your part to help the team get back to that point and try to win it all again.

Types of Tampa Bay Rays Job Opportunities

When it comes to Tampa Bay Ray job opportunities, there are three major categories of jobs that you can look at. We’ll explore each of them below.

Baseball operations

Baseball operations jobs are positions that deal directly with the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team, its players, and its coaches. Many positions fall into this category, including:

  • Assistant coaching
  • Strength and conditioning staff
  • Analytics department
  • Scout
  • Video analyst

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Marketing and business

Even if you don’t have a background in working directly with baseball teams, you can still be an excellent addition to the Rays organization. That’s especially true if you’ve got experience working in marketing and business.

Here are some of the top job opportunities in marketing and business for the Tampa Bay Rays:

  • Digital marketer
  • Social media specialist or assistant
  • Ticket sales
  • Commercial and corporate partnerships
  • Office director
  • General legal counsel
  • HR representative

Even though they play baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays are still a business. That means they need the same types of employees as most other companies. 

This is good news for professionals with corporate backgrounds who are passionate about baseball. It means you can still work for the Rays even without having baseball experience.

Park operations

The Tampa Bay Rays also need many employees in the stadium on gameday to provide their fans with a good experience. That means the team also has these types of job opportunities available:

  • Batboy
  • Game-day ticket sales
  • Concessions workers
  • Ushers
  • Security
  • Media

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Tampa Bay Rays Internships

How to Start Your Baseball Career

If you don’t have much professional experience yet, you may want to begin your job hunt by focusing on Tampa Bay Rays internships

These can be really beneficial because they allow you to get the hands-on experience employers will want to see before hiring you. 

Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to prove yourself to the Rays and form connections with the department that you want to eventually work at full-time. They may even hire you right after your internship concludes if you impress enough.

The cool thing is that you can find an MLB internship in just about any field. For example, depending on the time of year, the Rays may offer internships in the following:

  • Video production
  • Player development
  • Park operations
  • Event planning
  • Accounting
  • Sports analytics
  • Graphic design and animation
  • Social media marketing
  • Ticket sales and partnerships

You may not have access to all of these internship opportunities year-round. For example, the team will likely only need event planning and park operations interns during the season.

But with so many different internship opportunities available, it becomes really easy to find one that fits your professional goals. So put your resume together, write a personalized cover letter, and start applying.

How to Start Your Baseball Career

For many, MLB jobs feel out of reach. But teams like the Rays need a wide variety of employees to make what they do possible. If you can put together an application that would impress other top companies, then there’s a great chance that it will impress the Rays, especially if you’ve got a passion for baseball.

In other words, your baseball dream job may not be as out of reach as you once thought. But to get it, you’ll first need to make sure that you’re finding and applying for the right opportunities.

That’s where JobsInSports.com comes in. As soon as they become available, we list all of the best Tampa Bay Rays jobs, so you don’t have to worry about tracking every opportunity down yourself.

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