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Writing about sports for a living would be a dream come true for many people. But it could be closer to reality than you think. With a little research and some preparation, you could find an entry-level sports writing job that helps you gain a foothold from which you can build a career.

We put together this article to help you achieve that. So keep reading to learn more about how to begin a career in sports writing.

What Does a Sports Writer Do?

A sports writer’s job boils down to creating compelling written content for the sport that they cover. But there are several different types of content that someone in this position can write.

For example, some sports writers focus on telling the stories behind the athletes. Their goal is to create narratives that bring the sport and the people who play it to life.

But other sports writers focus more on the Xs and Os of the game they cover. For example, an NBA writer may create an article describing the Laker’s defense schemes and how they’re impacting the ways in which their opponents score.

For these types of analytic writers, the goal is to illuminate the finer strategies behind the games that people love to watch. As an entry-level sports writer, you could look for jobs that allow you to write either type of story – or one that lets you create different types of content.

Duties and Responsibilities

Your responsibilities for entry-level sports writing positions will often include the following:

  • Coming up with content ideas
  • Interviewing players
  • Going to games and watching game tape
  • Attending press conferences and practices
  • Building and maintaining a following on social media
  • Working with an editor to revise your articles
  • Helping out with podcasts and video content

As you advance in your career, some of those responsibilities may change. For example, a more senior writer may spend more time managing younger sports writers and less time actually going to practice and games themselves.

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What Does a Sports Writer Make as a Salary?

If you want to earn a great salary, then sportswriting may not be for you. According to, the average sportswriting salary is between $32,000 and $41,570 annually.

That’s why most people who do this job get into the field because they love it. And many professional sports writers end up having other jobs related to their writing work that help them bring in more income.

For example, lots of writers will start podcasts and are able to earn an income through sponsorship deals once they build a following. This can make it easier to live with the smaller salary that sports writers typically earn.

Benefits of Becoming a Sports Writer

The biggest benefit of sports journalism is writing about the sport you love for a living. Instead of going to the office to work on boring spreadsheets every day, you’ll get to talk about the intricacies of what you love. It’s hard to put a price on that.

Additionally, sports writers don’t always have to work normal 9-5 jobs. They often get the benefit of flexible scheduling, which can make it much easier for a sports writer to enjoy their life outside work.

How to Become a Sports Writer


The first step toward becoming a sports writer is getting the right education. For most, that will mean earning a college degree in a subject like journalism, English, or creative writing.

Sports media companies often prefer to hire candidates with these credentials. But you may also be able to get a job without them.

At the end of the day, a business just wants to make sure that you can create great written content that people want to read. You can prove that you’re able to do that by starting a blog and getting a lot of readers to check out your articles or by putting together an awe-inspiring portfolio.

Internships & Experience

Entry-level sports writing internships are a great way to get some experience as you prepare to pursue a career in sports journalism. Most major media companies offer these, and you may also be able to find them at a local paper.

If you’re still in school, consider writing about sports for your college newspaper. This will allow you to experience what being in a newsroom is like and give you some valuable pieces to add to your portfolio.

The key here is getting as much writing experience as you can by taking advantage of the opportunities you get. You need to be able to create compelling written sports content to get a job in this industry. And the only way to develop that skill is with lots of practice.

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Finding Opportunities and Applying

Finally, you’re ready to start looking for opportunities and applying for jobs. You’ll want to put together a solid resume and cover letter before you begin since these will likely be the first things that companies use to screen applicants.

Unlike most other jobs, you’ll also need a portfolio for your job applications as a sports writer. Your portfolio should highlight the best work that you’ve done throughout your writing career thus far.

It’s always good to include a healthy number of sports writing samples. But you can also make an impact with samples from other genres as long as they’re written well.

Once you have these materials ready, it’ll be time to keep an eye out for new job postings so that you can apply to them as quickly as possible to make sure your application is seen.

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