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Jobs In Sports Insight: The Athletic Trainer

Jobs In Sports Insight: The Athletic Trainer

About Becoming An Athletic Trainer The Background… It’s best to start with what an Athletic Trainer is not. Athletic Trainers (AT) are not physicians, personal trainers nor are they physical therapists. They’re not limited to employment with sports teams and they, despite their title, do not focus solely on athletes. […]

Part Time Jobs In Sports

A lot of full time sports fans have part time jobs. But very few of those part time workers apply their skills to the sports industry. Seasonal sports jobs are a unique niche of corporate America. Major league sports teams and their partners aren’t present at most university career fairs […]

Most Valuable Employee (MVE)

by Niral Patel Featured Blogger One of the great historical sports debates is the definition of a league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP). Does the MVP have to be on a team with a winning record? Or can he simply be the best player statistically regardless of his team’s winning percentage? […]

Jobs In Sports Insight: The Sports Agent

The Background… Agents are employed to represent the best interest of their clients in business matters. Anyone can hire an agent but most fields don’t require 3rd party representation and are unable to validate the cost associated with hiring them. But many jobs in the entertainment industry, including sports, have […]

Build Your Professional Network

Building a professional network is a necessity for anyone striving for a successful career. Internal promotions and job changes require more than just a solid track record; they require contacts. Having people in your professional circle provides you leads on new positions and aligns you with mentors that will help […]

Masters in Sports Administration Salary

Masters in Sports Administration Salary

Sports administration is a great field for students who are sports fans but are not able to be competitive in the professional world. With a master’s degree in sports administration, you can work as a sports manager, facility director, coach, or in any number of other positions related to the world […]