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Product Development in the Sports Arena

Product Development in the Sports Arena

Apps like MLB.TV proves that successes of sports leagues are now defined by more than its superstars and playoff thrills. It’s harder than ever to snag the attention of sports fans—24/7 television networks, sports talk radio stations, a plethora of content websites, sports-centric podcasts and access to games, both locally […]

Politics and Sports Run Washington, D.C

The decisions made by politicians in America’s capital affect millions of people across the country and, in some cases, billions more around the world. Bills become laws in Capital Building chambers, decisive executive action is taken within the walls of the White House and Supreme Court Justices weigh in on […]

The Rams Will Shine Up Los Angeles

The Rams Will Shine Up Los Angeles

The youngest among us can’t remember a time when the City of Angels hosted professional football. The Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Ducks have mostly kept sports fans’ attentions occupied for the last 20 years. The beaches, music and movie stars, nightclubs, museums, parks and sunshine have helped too. […]

What’s in a Sports Management Program?

Professional sports teams are flush with money. Salary caps are bloating, broadcasting rights fees are escalating and franchise values are growing at record paces. New technologies coupled “internet everywhere” is creating scores of new revenue streams for fans who can now consume games, analysis and statistics from practically anywhere. Young, […]

Keeping the Peace: Sports Arbitration

Conflict is essential to the popularity of sports. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey clubs clash for championships, eternal glory and bragging rights. Professionals in golf, tennis, skiing, surfing and mixed martial arts compete for big checks, trophies and the right to be called number one in the world. This […]

Nutritionists Make a Difference in Sports

Games of sport are a convergence of mind and body. Athletes use their intellect to memorize complicated offensive play calls, tricky defensive sets along with opponents’ scouting reports. While important, it’s nothing unless matched with a finely tuned vessel. The body is an athlete’s true tool of the trade—unique physical […]