elevate- your sports

Want to work in sports? Be a GM? An executive? Awesome! No matter what your goals are, it’s important to remember that every great sports business professional had to start somewhere. That’s where Elevate Your Sports Career comes in.

Elevate Your Sports Career is designed to help college students, recent grads, and people looking to transition into sports find their true path in sports. The course will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to secure your dream job or internship in sports and feel confident moving forward.

Featuring 25+ sports business professionals, Elevate Your Sports Career is the most detailed and informative course on the market! The course is broken down into 5 modules:

  1. Clarity – Understanding the Sports Industry
  2. Elevate Your Career Search
  3. Become a Champion Networker
  4. Personal Branding
  5. Find Your Perfect Fit

Within each module, there are video interviews with top industry experts, lessons and handouts that you can immediately implement in your daily life to help guide you on your journey to working in sports.

Elevate Your Sports Career was created by bestselling author and sports entrepreneur Jake Kelfer. Jake’s first book Elevate Beyond is a real world guide to standing out in the job market and discovering your passion. He is also the creator of the Professional Basketball Combine featuring NBA draft prospects.

After working with the Los Angeles Lakers, Adidas, NBA Summer League, Relativity Sports (now ISE), Wasserman Media Group, and the University of Southern California, Jake has combined everything he’s learned from these experiences with his vast network and video interviews with top sports industry professionals.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then Elevate Your Sports Career is for you.

  1. Are you struggling to figure out how to stand out from your peers?
  2. Are you annoyed of not getting any interviews after putting in hours of work?
  3. Are you unsure of what aspect of sports is right for you?
  4. Are you tired of applying for jobs in sports and not hearing anything back?
  5. Are you confused on how to build relationships with key decision makers?

To learn more about Elevate Your Sports Career, visit here.  There is also a FREE guide on how to break into sports that will be waiting for you when you visit the course page.