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The Future of American Sports Business

The Future of American Sports Business Niral Patel Featured Blogger Sports as a business is more profitable than ever. Long time owners are cashing out to enjoy their billions allowing a new generation of financial elite to run teams they once rooted for. Tom Ricketts, a former Wrigley Field bleacher […]

Sports Meets Information Technology

Though athletic games are as low tech as activities go, the world that surrounds them is on the opposite end of that technological spectrum. Sports business is catching up with other corporate entities in their uses of technology to run their organization and keep athletes at peak performance. The challenge […]

Finding Soccer Jobs in the USA

Soccer, known as football in most of the rest of the world, provides many opportunities for experienced individuals to find part-time or full-time work. Required qualifications vary by country, but here is some information to help you find soccer jobs in the USA. It is important have an updated resume […]

Assessing Job Offers Holistically

At some point in your career, you’ll face the difficult decision of choosing among multiple job offers. Either you’re graduating college and have more than one entry-level offer to evaluate or you’re entrenched in your career but are considering new employment. Often times, gainfully employed professionals may accept a new […]

Video Production Skills in High Demand

Once upon a time, pro sports franchises were dependent on local and national television networks for video presentations of their teams. Stadium technology, even with the advent of “jumbotron” screens simply didn’t require teams to need more than the services offered by the networks. Now that we’re in a web-based […]

A Career of Passion, Part Time

by Niral Patel Featured Blogger Follow your passion and the money will come. Read that lately in a career advice book or blog? It’s a nice catch phrase but certainly not always true. While it’s nice to hear about the guy that loves sports, studied sports management and quickly landed […]

Sports Media Hubs

The landscape of sports media is ever changing. Local newspapers, radio stations and television broadcasts were once the primary outlet for fans’ sports needs. The ubiquitous internet and growing number of niche television channels has created an almost infinitesimal number of places readers can look to for sports news, analysis […] Insight: Athletic Scout

  The Background… The life of an Athletic Scout is both exciting and challenging. It’s a job of travel and all consuming, sports study. Scouts are the nucleus of a successful personnel department and are core to building a championship team. Most prospect scouts scour the urban cities and countrysides […]