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The landscape of sports media is ever changing. Local newspapers, radio stations and television broadcasts were once the primary outlet for fans’ sports needs. The ubiquitous internet and growing number of niche television channels has created an almost infinitesimal number of places readers can look to for sports news, analysis […] Insight: Athletic Scout

The Background… The life of an Athletic Scout is both exciting and challenging. It’s a job of travel and all consuming, sports study. Scouts are the nucleus of a successful personnel department and are core to building a championship team. Most prospect scouts scour the urban cities and countrysides of […]

Sports Science Exploration

by Niral Patel Featured Blogger A career in sports can mean anything from on-the-field athletics, personnel management and coaching to team marketing, finance and health and wellness. The broad spectrum of “sports jobs” creates opportunities for people from all walks of life. A burgeoning area of the industry, sports science, […]

Break into Sports Media

Writing is a great career and most people who write do so about what they are most passionate. If you are a huge sports fan and watch either one or most sporting events religiously then you should think of following a path to finding sports writing jobs. This field is […]

Read This Book: Quitter

While some of us enter the sports industry immediately after high school or college, many of us attempt the career transition after toiling in a different field for years. Jon Acuff’s book, titled Quitter, has application for those of us looking to make that eventual transition. Its subtitle explains its […]