Security Officer
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  Professional Sports Organization
  Central Region
  Sports Services
  Posted/Updated: 01/06/18



  • Upholds integrity of the facility at all times
  • Monitors entry and exit points and door access to all areas
  • Greets and directs guests and visitors to appropriate areas
  • Performs proper screening at check points using metal detectors, bag checks, and ID inspections 
  • Ensures that no prohibited items are permitted inside the Center
  • Provides security escorts as needed
  • Maintains open and smooth access routes throughout ingress, concourse, seating, and egress areas
  • Responds to complaints from guests, clients and employees according to established policies and procedures
  • Responds to and professionally handles any incidents of undesirable behavior on property
  • Serves as support to police, fire personnel and medical staff responding to public safety needs
  • Aids in direction of orderly evacuation of building
  • Conducts perimeter checks outside the building and in parking garage 
  • Drives golf cart to patrol loading dock, conduct perimeter checks, and escort when needed
  • Observes safety and security procedures and reports potentially unsafe conditions
  • Answers radio and phone calls in Control Room, serving as dispatch during non-event hours
  • Monitors security camera screens and reports suspicious activities to Supervisor
  • Monitors and maintains remote door access, life safety, and fire control systems
  • Coordinates loading dock traffic 
  • Logs lost and found items in a timely and accurate manner and handles post-event lost and found inquiries
  • Assists Guest Services with additional event and special function security needs


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