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If you worked for the winning Cincinnati sports organization, what would it be like to show up for work the day after your team advanced to the championship game? How about after your team just landed a big time recruit? You would not dread showing up for work the next day would you?

If you work for the team on the losing end of the big game it will hurt even more but at least you have passion for your job. Does that sound like a daily grind?

Do you miss being "between the lines"? Do you miss the thrill of the last second shot? What if you could be a part of the group that makes that moment happen? Front offices of sports related businesses are filled with former and failed athletes as well as those who just love the game. These sports executives once thought, "do I have what it takes to work within the sports industry"? Once you review what is available to you, you will see that breaking into the front office is not as impossible as you once though. has helped job seekers at all levels land a job in the world of Cincinnati sports. Regardless of your level of experience, we can help you land that job or internship. The following is a small sample of what is available in the Cincinnati area. Will one of these listings change your life?

Current Sports Jobs in Cincinnati

Baseball Team - Maintenance Worker I (Cincinnati, OH)
Job Title:                      Maintenance W…
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Baseball Team - Intern for Social Media - NBA (Cincinnati, OH)
  The position will be in charge of video and motion graphics creation while taking photos on …
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Community Sports - Volunteer Coach (Cincinnati, OH)
Job Title: Fun At Bat Volunteer Coach Fun At Bat is an enrichment program based in baseball fo…
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Baseball Team - Authentics Intern (Cincinnati, OH)
  The position will be in charge of helping to plan authentic game used for memorabilia collec…
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Soccer Team - Executive Administrator and Office Manager - Cincinnati FC (Cincinnati, OH)
  The position will be in charge of supporting the President and directly working with senior …
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Sports Facility - Membership Intern (Cincinnati, OH)
Job Title: Membership Intern      Essential Duties and Responsibilities: As…
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The MLB Franchise - Director of Human Resources (Cincinnati, OH)
    The position will be in charge of the overall administration/coordination/evaluation…
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Soccer Team - Marketing Intern (Cincinnati, OH)
Position Summary  Seeking highly motivated individuals interested in being a part of the Game …
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