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When you have a chance to work in America’s second largest city for one of the many sports teams located in the city of Angels, jumping on these opportunities is critical. What's the best way to find sports jobs Los Angeles? Use Jobs in Sports, this way you can be a part of one of the biggest sporting cultures in the United States with unlimited access to job postings in your favorite city.

Whether it's college or professional sports, there are plenty of sports jobs in Los Angeles. With two new NFL teams, two MLB teams, two NBA teams and, two NHL teams, the greater Los Angeles area – including Orange County – has a massive footprint in the sports world. Using the site gets you the best access to jobs with these teams along with other organizations that are affiliated with making sure teams, organizations, even youth sports teams have the staffing they need.

Finding sports careers in Los Angeles is as easy as logging into the site and uploading your qualifications. So whether you are searching for sports marketing jobs Los Angeles or working with individual teams in more specialized roles, the site has everything you need to get started in a great career.

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Sports Media - Production Assistant, Undisputed (Los Angeles, California)
A SNAPSHOT OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: Views, logs, and cues tapes for studio show Works u…
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Sports Media - Manager, Media Management (Los Angeles, California)
JOB DESCRIPTION Seeking a Manager of Media Management to join our team. As our Manager, …
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West Region Sports - Senior Programming Coordinator (Los Angeles, California)
JOB DESCRIPTION As our Senior Coordinator, you will be responsible for ratings production, pr…
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Intercollegiate Athletics - Assistant Athletic Performance Coach (Los Angeles, California)
  The position will be helping to plan, develop and execute program of Athletic Performance wh…
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Intercollegiate Athletics - Basketball Performance Dietitian (Los Angeles, California)
  The position will be in charge of helping to plan, develop, execute, evaluate, manage the pe…
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Sports Media - Post Production Graphics Maintenance Engineer (Los Angeles, California)
  The position will be in charge of the daily maintenance of all the areas within the departme…
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Sports Media - Live/Stage Production Engineer (Los Angeles, California)
  The position will be in charge of documenting required changes within the production environ…
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Sports Media - Manager, Sports Screening (Los Angeles, California)
  The position will be in charge of using one's digital media expertise to produce/edit compel…
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Whether looking for sports marketing jobs in Los Angeles or sports management jobs Los Angeles, your skills and qualifications will be best reflected and the opportunities to advance your dreams of being involved in sports. The site is comprehensive, so if you are looking to get involved in social media, accounting, or even the player personnel field, you will have all the opportunities at your fingertips.

Exceed your dreams by finding sports careers in Los Angeles. When you access the site, the different tools that are available will help you find the perfect sports jobs Los Angeles. Simply go online, access Jobs in Sports, and be sure to get your resume ready for all the jobs that are waiting for you.

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Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. I have used this site for years and it helped me to get my first job 3 years ago at ESPN. I am currently working in Los Angeles for FOX Sports Net and I do not need this service right now. I am sure I will use it again in the future. Thanks again. Adam Goldberg

I received a position as an Account Executive for the Seattle Mariners. I recommend your site to peers that are looking for a position in sports. I will continue to use JobsInSports in the future- this is the best sports website by far!

Stephanie Carlson,
University Place, WA

Yes, I found an Account Executive position with the San Jose Giants minor league baseball team through this website. I found this job in less than a month!

Chris Apenbrink,
San Jose, CA

I chose to re-subscribe to JobsInSports for the vast variety of jobs posted on your site. Additionally, the customer service I have experienced working with JobsInSports has been excellent.

Ashley Robinson,
Oxford, AL

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