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Tens of thousands of people have been loyal members of JobsInSports.com over the years and with a sports employer database totaling 7678, we have the sports contacts to continue to be the leader in the market just as we have been since 1998.

We cater to all levels, from Internships to Executive positions and every level in between! Our members have access to thousands of sports employment openings that are available today with industry leaders, professional organizations and NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, WNBA, MLB teams, as well as minor league organizations with openings in your field of interest such as:

  • Player Personnel
  • Broadcasting & Journalism
  • Ticket Office
  • Sports Law
  • Public Relations
  • Sports Administration
  • Media Relations
  • Sports Agents
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Management
  • Event Management
  • Sports Manufacturing
  • Sports Sales
  • Finance
  • Sports Medicine
  • Front Office

Some Facts about JobsInSports.com:

  • Over 15 years experience in placing tens of thousands of job seekers within the sports industry.
  • 93% of surveyed sports employers have indicated that they are "more likely" or "far more likely" to hire JobsInSports.com members - National Sports Employment News industry survey
  • 89% of surveyed sports employers view JobsInSports.com members as "pre-qualified" - a serious, proactive candidate willing to invest in your future within the sports industry. - National Sports Employment News industry survey
  • Nationally recognized as the longest, continuously running Sports Job Database on the Internet.
  • Direct contact information for hiring managers at each major professional sports franchise in the country
  • We review and when appropriate, recommend your resume to decision makers for current listings within the database.
  • We are honored to be multi-year recipients of the Better Business Bureau "complaint free" award and adhere to their highest standards of professionalism.


While others keep mimicking everything we do, we continually reinvent our selves to bring new value to our members. JobsInSports.com has broken new ground with innovative programs specifically designed to make your job search convenient and successful. Two recent examples include:

Weekly Verify Program — In order to maintain our status as the most up-to-date job board on the Internet, we scientifically go through our database on a daily basis to verify that our listings are still available so you do not waste you valuable time and money applying for jobs that are no longer available. Over the course of the week, you can be assured that each job has been verified at least once to insure accuracy.

Resume Referral Program — We have made it our mission to bring the job seeker and the hiring manager together. With our Resume Referral Program, we scour the database to find opportunities that match our applicants and send a personalized note of referral in the hopes that this extra attention will win favor with both our employers and our job seekers.

Looking Forward For You

After more than a decade of connecting sports employers and perspective employees, we look back fondly on what we have achieved. From that first meeting in 1995, we have created an entire industry. We are thankful for every testimonial proving our worth and look forward to a decade of helping people climb the ladder of the sports industry.

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