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Jordyn Brewer

Executive / Personal Assistant
Snohomish, Washington USA


I could potentially be the least athletic person throughout my family, Ironically enough my name was inspired by Michael Jordan, with a feminine touch. However, because of my inability to play well it made me admire and love watching any and every sport and those that were so good at them. I consider my self the best fan there is with any sport.


Executive Assistant

Dec 2015 - Present
While being in this position, I have done a number of things to support the entirety of the company as a whole and individually when needed. I not only have complete control over multiple schedules but I keep track of confidential mail, calls, payment, book keeping and manage advertising & company events. I am proficient in all Microsoft programs.

Personal Family Assistant

Oct 2015 - Present
This position I still hold part time while tax season is going on, I do some of the same things as I do as an executive assistant. I manage calendars for the family, prepare meals, organize whatever needs to be organized, I communicate with everyone I am supposed to and do whatever is asked of me with 100% effort and a positive attitude.


Esthetics - Esthetician License
Feb 2018 - Oct 2018
Instead of doing the route that is common, I decided to take the road less traveled. I love doing skin and hair on the side but as of now I am wanting to focus on a different degree or license to get me farther into careers like this with more stability and something I have a big interest in.

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