best sports management jobs for college graduates

Preparing to enter the real world? Whether you’re still in college or you’ve just graduated with a sports management degree in hand, get excited! Take your college education and combine it with your love of sports for a successful career in sports management that you’ll love.

There are some great career options for someone with an educational background in sports management, including many where you can work your way up the ladder as a college grad.

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What kind of jobs can a sports management degree get you?

In short, this college degree gives you the chance to work in sports. Whether you’re a school athlete looking to work in the sport you love, or you just enjoy watching games, a sports management degree is a gateway to a fulfilling sports management job.

Many graduates studying for a degree in sports management will most likely pursue a career in collegiate, amateur, or professional sports organizations. In North America, the sports industry is continuing to grow.

What does this mean for you? You might find yourself with a local sports club, college athletics program, or major professional sports team. As an athlete or sports enthusiast, this is a great way to find a dream job.

How much money can you make with a sports management degree?

According to PwC, the North American sports market was worth more than $71 billion in 2018. This includes more than $20 billion in sponsorships – fees paid to have a brand associated with a team, league, facility or event, including naming and category rights. Would you like a piece of this with a sports management job?

An athletic administrator that oversees some of the most important parts of an organization will hire new staff, coaches, and player personnel. Administration could lead to one of the best jobs in sports management as an athletic director. According to, the average U.S. salary is $59,000 a year, and depending on the location and school, you could earn upwards of $100,000.

As a sports mediator and/or arbitrator helping people (organizations, players, or coaches) involved in conflict come to an agreement, you’re the peacemaker. According to, the average U.S. salary for a mediator is about $65,000, but your salary will likely depend on where you live.

On the lower end of the pay scale, but a great option for recent graduates is the sports camp director. According to, the average U.S. salary of this sports management job is about $40,000. As camp director, you enable young athletes to learn the skills and values of sports via coaching, mentoring, and training. With a high volume of sports camps these days, it’s likely you’ll find a director position near you for many sports.

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What jobs can I get with a master’s in sports management?

1. Financial manager

A financial manager in sports is responsible for an organization’s funding and money. Just like a typical business wants to be financially stable, so does a sports team. In this sports management job, you may oversee player contracts and determine if the organization has the appropriate funds. Other responsibilities can include reviewing contracts and offers from local vendors. A financial manager for a sports team or organization is an important role, and a master’s degree is an ideal asset for succeeding in this type of position.

best sports management jobs to get with a college degree

2. Professor

After earning your master’s degree in sports management, you can become qualified to then teach sports management to others. A path that comes full circle. Experience as a professor can, of course, lead to plenty of other college or university teaching positions if you wish to remain in education. As a professor in sports management or something similar, you’ll help shape the next generation to pursue their own jobs in sports management.

3. Public relations

A master’s degree can lead you to a job with a collegiate or professional sports team’s public relations (PR) department. Working in PR is one of the best sports management jobs for those who thrive in an organization with various types of people – the public, the sports team, and the media. As a PR professional you’ll look to increase the local interest and maintain the reputation of the team you represent. Advertising, marketing campaigns, and events raise the profile of your organization.

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