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To land a job in Nascar, you don’t need to be a professional race car driver. Since Nascar is a major sports organization, they offer a wide range of job opportunities to those who want a career in professional racing (that doesn’t involve speeding around a track)

Because there are many different types of Nascar job opportunities available to people willing to work hard, there’s a good chance you can find one that’s a good match for your experience, interests, and skills.

Maybe you’ll work in the pit crew one day. Perhaps you’ll work behind the scenes as a sports marketer or public relations specialist. If you possess engineering expertise, you could potentially work with the teams that improve both the performance and safety of the very vehicles you see on the track. Your options are practically endless. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to possess much technical knowledge about cars to land a job at the organization. While some jobs naturally require that kind of expertise, there are plenty of opportunities that don’t.

Current Nascar Job Opportunities

As you can see, Nascar offers a diverse set of options for job-seekers. Whether you’re just starting your career and looking for an internship or entry-level job, or you’re a more experienced professional looking to make a career move, if you continue to check Jobs In Sports, you’ll likely find the perfect Nascar job for your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The way in which you might get a job in Nascar will depend on a number of factors. If you’re trying to break in without much experience, you could start out with an internship. Someone with more experience might make themselves an attractive candidate by excelling in another organization first. For example, you’re more likely to get a job high up the ladder in one of Nascar’s marketing departments if you’ve already succeeded as a marketer at a different company or firm.

Salaries for Nascar race officials can vary somewhat widely. Research indicates the typical range is between $39,344 at the 25th percentile and $88,389 at the 75th percentile. Nascar race officials who earn the most may take home salaries of $130,000 (and more in some cases). The average salary for a Nascar race official is approximately $71,000.

Nascar flaggers or flagmen typically get paid hourly rates. This is another job that rewards experience. While you may start out on the low end, eventually, you can start earning much more. It’s also worth noting that some Nascar flagmen are part-time race officials who may have other duties and responsibilities, such as maintaining equipment and facilitating communication between key parties. You’ll naturally earn more money as a flagman if your job also involves these additional responsibilities.

Nascar mechanic salaries also vary very widely. According to current data, Nascar mechanic salaries range from about $22,000 to as much as $593,000. The average Nascar mechanic currently earns approximately $106,000. That said, it’s important to understand that most Nascar mechanics do earn a decent living. The middle 57% of race car mechanics in Nascar take home six-figure salaries.

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