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When you’re looking for sports agent jobs you don’t have to time to be wasting on cold calling firms or sending your resume to people who may be overwhelmed and uninterested. The worst part about getting into the world of sports is opening the door, so what you need is having the door opened for you.

Whether your goal is a career as a sports agent or working one of the many supporting jobs allowing agents to succeed, it should never be a difficult proposition to find openings. There is a place where you can easily access sports agent openings with no fuss or hassle. That place is

Here are some current sports agent jobs:

No longer will you spend time on fruitless searches for jobs as a sports agent. Instead, you’ll be able to target your search to all the sports agent firms that are hiring. How great is it to have your resume in front of people who are looking for someone just like you?

"We are looking for talent managers & agents with experience or knowledge/ interest in talent or athlete management and/or action sports to help manage our current roster of top action sports. Management of talent includes: show bookings, sponsorship outreach, show/tour logistics and more. We are open to experienced agents/managers or people with the skill set and desire to learn."

You may be interested in a sports agent career to eventually have your own boutique firm or you may have an interest in working in one of the biggest firms in the world. Either way, there is no substitute for having a targeted search. With, you have the ability to see which sports agent companies are hiring and the types of positions available.

Every time you hit the apply button, you’ll know the hard work you put in towards achieving your dream is being evaluated by people ready to help you get to the next step on the way to your dream. Just like athletes seek out the best people to help them achieve their goals on and off the field, you should do the same when it comes to achieving your dreams. Be the person that athletes count on while living your dream as a sports agent.

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Featured Sports Jobs

Charlotte Hornets
Account Executive, Membership Sales
Location: Charlotte, NC

D.C. United
Spring: Academy Operations Internship
Location: Washington, DC


Remember, business is business regardless of the industry. Your education, training and experience outside of the sports industry translates to your next job within the sports industry. The fundamentals will always remain the same. In our ten years of working with hiring managers from sports organizations from around the country, we have rarely seen a listing requiring sports industry experience. Time and time again, sports employers want a competitive personality who is able to take their skills and apply them to the sports industry. Your background is not nearly as important as your desire to work hard and succeed.

"Good Morning! Please make sure that the vacancy notices are removed from your website as we have filled the positions!"

Yonat Stadd Lurie, Executive Assistant at NFL Players Association

I have used this site for years ...

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. I have used this site for years and it helped me to get my first job 3 years ago at ESPN. I am currently working in Los Angeles for FOX Sports Net and I do not need this service right now. I am sure I will use it again in the future. Thanks again. Adam Goldberg

I received a position as an Account Executive for the Seattle Mariners. I recommend your site to peers that are looking for a position in sports. I will continue to use JobsInSports in the future- this is the best sports website by far!

Stephanie Carlson,
University Place, WA

Yes, I found an Account Executive position with the San Jose Giants minor league baseball team through this website. I found this job in less than a month!

Chris Apenbrink,
San Jose, CA

I chose to re-subscribe to JobsInSports for the vast variety of jobs posted on your site. Additionally, the customer service I have experienced working with JobsInSports has been excellent.

Ashley Robinson,
Oxford, AL

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