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All tennis fans know the US Open is one of the most exciting events in sports. However, as enjoyable as attending the US Open can be, some fans find it’s even more exciting to participate in it directly by filling one of the many US Open jobs available to them.

If you’re interested in jobs in tennis, here are a few exciting choices for you to consider and pursue. 

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US Opens Jobs: Exciting Opportunities

1. Facilities Operation & Event Coordination Jobs

us open tennis jobs event coordinator positions

The US Open isn’t just one of the most popular tennis events in the country. It’s one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

That means it draws a big crowd every year. Making sure those in attendance have a safe and enjoyable experience (as well as making sure the media and actual athletes are properly accommodated) requires a lot of work.

However, that might just be the type of sports job you find most appealing. You may enjoy coordinating with others to ensure major events go off without a hitch. These types of jobs in sports are particularly ideal for someone who has strong attention to detail and the ability to work well with others.

You won’t be able to walk right into the role of head facilities manager or event coordinator if you’re applying to your first US Open tennis job. As with most tennis jobs, you’ll have to work your way up in the department. That said, positions in these departments are abundant, meaning you have plenty of opportunities to start pursuing your dream career now.


2. Freelance Reporter

It’s worth noting that not all US Open jobs need to involve working directly for the United States Tennis Association. For example, because the US Open is so popular, numerous sports publications and networks rely on journalists and reporters to cover it every year. Sometimes they may hire them on a freelance basis.

Getting a role as a freelance reporter at the US Open could potentially give you the chance to meet some of the players or other relevant staff in person if the publication that hires you gives you the right press credentials. Just keep in mind that you might struggle to find someone who’ll hire you as a freelancer if you don’t have substantial experience as a reporter. However, if you’re planning on attending the US Open anyway, you can cover it on your own blog. Many professional sports reporters started as bloggers whose work attracted the attention of their future employers.

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3. Player Operations Jobs

us open player personnel jobs

The USTA strives to ensure every single player has the best experience possible at the US Open. That’s why they emphasize the importance of jobs in the player operations department.

The specific nature of your duties in such a role will depend on which specific job you pursue. For example, members of the player operations department may be involved in escorting players through the grounds in a manner that allows them to avoid excessive attention from fans or the press. They may also be required to manage the fitness centers the players use during their time at US Open, managing daily court reservations, or even serving as locker room attendants.

Regardless, any role in this department allows you to leverage a US Open job into a more permanent tennis job later on. That’s because player operations staff members have significant responsibilities. Additionally, the USTA has stringent rules for such employees. For instance, no member of the player operations department is allowed to ask a player for an autograph or picture under any circumstances. If you can demonstrate you’re able to handle these responsibilities and behave professionally, getting other jobs in sports will be much easier.


4. Parking Lot Attendant

A US Open job doesn’t need to lead to a long term sports job or career. Sometimes, people like to work at the US Open simply because they love tennis and want to contribute to one of its most important events. 

If you’re that type of person, consider becoming a parking lot attendant. This can be a minor temporary position that allows you to earn some extra money while also participating in the US Open directly.

Keep these US Open jobs in mind the next time it rolls around. If you’re interested in tennis jobs, starting off with a position at the US Open is a great way to make contacts.