If you are new to the sports industry or looking for a change in careers, a sports internship could be just what you need. People find themselves in the never-ending circle of not having enough experience and not being able to get a job because of their lack of experience. That’s where internships come into play. An internship with a reputable company can help you get that little edge over the competition. This article will explore sports internships and give you some helpful tips on where to look for them and how to obtain them. There are several types of internships – they can range from paid or unpaid, full time or part time, research or work experience. Generally all internships have the same thing in common – you are exchanging your free (or cheap) labor to gain experience in the field. It is easy to see how a recent graduate or someone new to the industry may benefit from an internship. Between the experience gained and the networking that occurs (plus the possibility of a job offer at the end), it is an exceptional opportunity. One of the best places to start your search for a sports internship is a job board like JobsInSports.com. Job boards are a convenient way to view internships from all over the country from a variety of companies and organizations. Generally, a quick search from the home page of a sports job board (which can often be done for free) can turn up hundreds of internships that interest you – which is a great start! After doing some research on the positions and the companies, you can narrow down your choices and start tailoring your cover letters and resumes to the internship. As a side note, in addition to using job boards, you should consider contacting companies directly. Just because a company doesn’t post a position online doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to bring an intern in. Contacting companies and expressing your interest in working for them for free can open many doors. So, once you’ve complied a list of potential internships your next step is to send them your cover letter and resume (unless you have connections at the company – in that case, use them!). I’ve found that a good cover letter can make all the difference when looking for an internship. It is extremely important that you can communicate your skills effectively and demonstrate a strong connection to the skills needed for the internship. Make it clear that you can benefit the company and that you would be a strong addition to their team. In many cases, getting an internship in the sports industry is not about how much you know about certain sports or how many statistics you can spout out. It’s about knowing your skill set and identifying internships that play to your strengths. Once you’re in the door, make sure they know how hard working and enthusiastic you are. Because a sports internship can lead to many other career opportunities, they’re worth looking into!

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